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  1. FatalAce

    Saturday Night Contest - Something Monumental
  2. FatalAce

    Saturday Night Contest - Show Your Collection

    My collection:
  3. FatalAce

    Saturday Night Contest - In Perfect Order : Video Contest

    Long time no see guys. =) Here's my video:
  4. FatalAce

    Saturday Night Contest - Let's Talk About Genesis (podcast)

    What should we expect in Genisis Vol. 1? Any magic on it or just flourishing? What's youre favorite flourish on the DVD?
  5. FatalAce

    CCC2009 Video Discussion

    Probably no one who is participating in the contest. Haha.
  6. FatalAce

    Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2009 : Entries Posted

    Any idea when the winners will be announced?
  7. FatalAce

    Looking for Smoke & Mirror Decks

    Hey guys. I'm looking to buy some "special edition" (second edition) smoke and mirror decks. I'm looking to buy 3 smokes and 3 mirrors. If anyone is interested in selling, please PM me so we can work out a deal. Thanks!
  8. FatalAce

    Daniel Madison - The wheel change

    Yeah. I agree with Sinful here. I never liked Daniel Madion's stuff but his latest releases blow my head off. Nicely done.
  9. FatalAce

    Saturday Night Contest - DG.LIVE - Symphony Questions

    What kind of magic can we expect in Symphony? Are the effects mostly impromptu? Is this your proudest project? What too so long? Haha. Who is the person you're singing with in the outtake video?
  10. FatalAce

    White Centurions

    Hey guys. A few of you guys have been asking me for some white centurions but I always said I wasn't selling. Well, I've decided to sell one of them on ebay at a very low price. So, I'm posting this thread to let you guys as well as others know about this great deal. Please don't think I'm...
  11. FatalAce

    theory11.bulletin :: New 1-on-1 + Tally-Ho Fan Backs

    Aww. Why couldn't they be Circle Backs? =( Oh well. I guess we all can't get what we want. I'm glad to see some main-stream decks on T11 and not just custom decks. The 1on1 looks pretty slick.
  12. FatalAce

    Magazine Question

    I just have a quick question on some magic magazines. There are 2 main ones that I hear about all the time. Magic Magazine and Genii. I'm thinking about subscribing to one of them but I haven't the money to subscribe to both. I was just wondering about your opinions about both magazines and...
  13. FatalAce

    Jay Sankey products worth buying?

    I'm sorry man. I gotta state my opinion. I personally don't like Sankey. First of all, his antics are VERY annoying after a while. I have a few DVDs and I can't even watch them anymore since he is so annoying. Secondly, he releases WAY too many items WAY to fast. I'd say 80% of them aren't...
  14. FatalAce

    Saturday Night Contest - The Vintage Dating Game

    Deck A: 1867 Deck B: 1899 Deck C: 1922
  15. FatalAce

    Saturday Night Contest - The Vintage Dating Game

    Deck A: 1885 Deck B: 1889 Deck C: 1945
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