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    Sleights that elude you.

    I just realized today the one I've been working on for years, the one trick I want to do (as part of a couple effects) that I won't do for people because I am sooo inconsistent, the Toss Change. It's tricky, and I always seem to flash past the pinky. Every time I think "I've got the...
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    how can this possible is there any way of passing solid through solid like this

    And that's a LOT of work! Finding the right person for this kind of trick... Although in casual or "street" magic it is an important job so you don't INFLICT magic on helpless and uninterested people. The preparation and reset for such a trick, especially considering the small audience would...
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    Sleights that elude you.

    I think they all elude me, I cannot flawlessly perform anything... I learned this recently teaching my daughter magic. I seem to do well, but that's due more to learning to misdirect than skill. Personally I'd love to do a double lift that a magician doesn't see, but for now I'll settle for...
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    how can this possible is there any way of passing solid through solid like this

    What you're seeing there is a mirror. Those games often have mirrors on the sides to make it appear their are more coins... or whatever. At least in my experience, which is limited.
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    Rope Magic

    EXACTLY! Magicians rope is amazing! I go through Baronian Trading Company I use the BTC-4 and I buy the 100 meter roll, but that's not necessary. However for practice and learning Cut and Restored stuff cotton clothesline from a hardware store is...
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    [Ideas?] Transport and store safely playing cards.

    I've done terrible things with decks of cards... I've never experienced the cards bowing (in the box) unless they have gotten wet. Minor humidity from sweat in the pocket can ruin a deck without the "sealed" plastic wrap. At least for fanning. I would say, with a great deal of confidence, that...
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    Meeting in the Middle!

    Unless they're just looking for the secret to a trick where they'd otherwise have to pay, I think people should ask away! If you ask a question, you should at least return and say thanks if anyone tried to help. If you're just learning that's not always the best time to try to teach, but you can...
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    Is this a good trick?

    Disney's Captain EO when it first came out (late 80s) was one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Saw it again with my wife and kids 2013 maybe, and it was just kind of sad. The show didn't change. I imagine this was pretty cool in the 80s too. So... yeah.
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    Looking For Tricks!

    Are you only looking for card tricks? Would you consider Coin, Rope or Cups and Balls? Books are the best medium to learn magic! Good books like those RealityOne and MohanaMisra spoke of will not only explain tricks but often the logic and presentations NEEDED to make it real magic. Also, for...
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    how can this possible is there any way of passing solid through solid like this

    Keep in mind that TV magic naturally must be this way. You're trying to connect to audiences that can watch Star Wars on the same platform, it's hard to make a close-up vanish beat Darth Vader force choking someone. Even worse you can rewind and tear the thing apart, look up the trick and see...
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    Are colour changes magic?

    It's all been said, so I won't add much on. I could not vote because correct the correct answer wasn't available: Yes, if...; no, but... That's the answer when anything, essentially based on opinions, is stood alone outside of context and must be proven to have merit, E.G. "is X magic?" I...
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    [Ideas?] Transport and store safely playing cards.

    Every time I get a new carton of cards I carefully cut out the plastic wrap at the bottom of each pack, open the bottom of the pack, add a 4 of hearts with an opposite color back just below the jokers, a blank card with the same color back after the jokers, move the natural 4 of hearts a few...
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    Lets Talk Resolutions.

    Since I never follow through with my new years resolutions I should probably make mine for 2021 be: Drink more Gain more weight Perform less Spend more time online Work more
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    Need help, don't know where to start my search

    Flip has some amazing routines that could be presented similar to puppetry. His Flip Stick stuff is a lot of fun! Zombie ball also comes to mind, but it's a PITA to do close up (for me at least) Michmag has good advice with Rope routines, although it could hardly be "puppetry" but for Parlor and...
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    how can this possible is there any way of passing solid through solid like this

    Well, the test if something is possible is to do it. I myself cannot do that, so I can assume it's not possible. I do a lot of things that I can't do though, which is what magic is after all. Some magic, as ID4 says needs some editing as well as an audience full of patsies (television shows)...
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