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    where are you from, I am card cheat based in california.

    where are you from, I am card cheat based in california.
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    where in california are you? I am a card cheat based in middletown ca.

    where in california are you? I am a card cheat based in middletown ca.
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    Local Card Flourishers

    I lived in Taiwan for 2 years, taught 1 guy who turned out to be amazing at flourishing. Then moved to Rochester NY and im in college in Syracuse NY, just wondering if there are any people around me that have the passion.
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    dana hocking

    can someone give me an ok do use his music for one of my flourishing videos, so that way i wont get sued
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    Spring problem

    WOOHOO, i finally can spring again, i have no idea why but i got the feeling again. couldnt spring for 2 days!! but YES got it now and i better not leave me ever again. dont you just love that smooth sound of the cards coming down.......
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    Spring problem

    Thanks for your input on how you hold a deck of cards. I see I wasn't descriptive enough in my last post, so yes the deck is deep in my ring finger, like extremely deep and I know this helps with control. I do use different cards all the time. My main are tallys aladdins massas. So I'm...
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    Spring problem

    ok thanks, but i guess thats my only choice for now anyways seeing i cant complete a spring without dropping 1 card. ill tell you how it goes
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    Spring problem

    i saw that already, i know exactly how to do a spring, and i know i can do it, but today, i woke up not being alble to do a spring for no reason, its really getting on my nerves
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    Spring problem

    ok, well, im sure it is correct because i have done it millions of times correctly but here it is my pinky is not used, i know it could be used for more control but i dont need it. my ring finger is almost at the edge of the top right corner of the deck, my middle and pointer lay next to it...
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    Spring problem

    I have been in flourishing for 5 years, i would say that i learned pretty much every flourish contained in dm db db dvd's. when i say learned, that doesnt mean able to complete it in 10 minutes, i mean that i am able to do them smoothly at about the same spead as them. one of my favorite...
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    BULLETIN : andthensome +YOURSTUFF Contest

    wow hi just wanted to let you know im pretty pissed off. i worked soo hard on my contest video. then i try to submit it and guess what, the freakin just send it crap takes 13 hrs. so i wait cuz i still have 2 days. i have tried to send it over 5 times and it never worked. what a lot of...
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