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    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    White Monarchs: Jack, Queen, King Normal Monarchs: Ace, Joker
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    Doing Magic for Megan Nicole!

    I like Turtles.
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    Drive Thru Floating Money

    Money levitation at fast food drive thru's! I hope you guys enjoy! -Rahat
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    Instant Radio Prank

    Here is a little video using the Instant Radio! Hope you guys enjoy! -Rahat
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    Drive-Thru Fire Wallet

    People's reaction of the fire wallet at fast food drive-thru's! Hope you guys enjoy it!
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    ChatRoulette Magic Tricks 2

    Hey guys, thank you for the comments! -Rahat
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    ChatRoulette Magic Tricks 2

    It's round 2 of magic on ChatRoulette! Hope you guys enjoy it and tell me what you think! -Rahat
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    Chat Roulette Magic Tricks

    @Randy - Yes unfortunately one would have to run into those perverts hah. I saw things that I wish I could un-see. =[ -Rahat
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    Chat Roulette Magic Tricks

    Hello everybody, @JDENredden - Casey pretty much explained everything. This video is only meant for the reaction aspects. Yes this can be done 100% everytime someone names a card. @AndrewTW - That is another way to do, but only problem is one would have to sit there for hours hoping for the...
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    Chat Roulette Magic Tricks

    What happens when magic meets Chat Roulette! Hope you guys enjoy!
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    4 Ace Production?

    Sure I'll take a stab. Send me a request.
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    A Magic Compilation

    Hey thanks! I appreciate the comment.
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    A Magic Compilation

    Hey guys check out my magic compilation video. Hope you guys like it.
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    Defensive Laymen

    James let them believe what they want. Don't tell them they are wrong. Leave them always guessing. Try sarcastically agreeing with them be funny with it too. I noticed on your Saw video on youtube that you have an annotation saying "I did not use glue stick." I don't think you need to...
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    Do Magic Tricks Work in Picking Up Girls?

    Heres an interesting video about picking up girls with magic. -R
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