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  1. N

    Magic for College Kids

    Hey all, A while back I put up a thread with one of my YouTube videos of me performing magic for some College Kids (if you haven't seen it yet definitely check it out). Just recently I put up PART 2 (link below). Between the two videos there was a sort of message that I wanted to convey about...
  2. N

    Sharpie Magic... Thoughts?

    Hello all, I just posted a brand new video on my YouTube channel (link below) featuring some Sharpie magic that I created. I wanted to make the video entertaining so I put a lot of emphasis on the production value. I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks for checking it out! Cheers
  3. Josh_Hayden

    Tricks , Effects & Flourishes

    Hi , I'd like to know a few cool tricks , effects and flourishes for performing ,I have an event coming up and need a fresh bunch of stuff to show people. It can be mentalist tricks too I want to show a few tricks from every field . Anything is helpful .... Thanks ,
  4. N

    College Kids React to Magic!

    Hey everyone, If you're interested in getting your magic fix in, I got just what you need... hopefully. I just posted a brand new video on my YouTube channel of me walking around my college campus and performing magic. It isn't just your run of the mill performance video, I made sure to slip...
  5. CJK

    The Invisble Card: Review/Questions

    After digging through multiple posts and threads, I have decided to post a new thread about the Invisible Card by Blake Vogt. The trick is truly amazing. The gimmick is brilliantly made that can only be created by Mr. Vogt. There has to be practice like every other trick, but once you've...
  6. True2you

    What do I buy with 100$???

    So I have 100$ to spend this holiday season and I'm looking for advice on tricks/decks to buy. I would like around 1/3 of the hundred to go towards new cards and the rest towards magic tricks that do not include cards. Any advice on great NON card effects that are under 70$? Please suggest...
  7. GrahamHorgan

    Your thoughts on showing a magic trick to the same people over and over again?

    (NOT IN PERSON, BUT UPLOADING YOUR MAGIC.) This is an issue I have for myself on uploading my tricks and routines to YouTube and such places. I`m sure you`re like me. You have close friends and family that follows your magic and will see theses videos. Don`t you think by them seeing it, it takes...
  8. CJK

    What to do with Old Stuff

    I bought departure awhile ago and loved it, but months passed and has now gotten boring and found better things to put into my routine. I now have the gimmick and am out thirty-four dollars. What should I do?
  9. A

    Flashy and quick Effect for promo videos

    So i've been doing mentalism from some 4 years and now im starting in magic ( i' ve read some basic books in magic ) .... i want to make a promo video.. and i want it to be filled with quick and visual effects maybe some effects like in justin flom videos ....any suggestions ??
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