What do I buy with 100$???

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by True2you, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. So I have 100$ to spend this holiday season and I'm looking for advice on tricks/decks to buy. I would like around 1/3 of the hundred to go towards new cards and the rest towards magic tricks that do not include cards. Any advice on great NON card effects that are under 70$? Please suggest multiple effects and thank you!
  2. Double Cross is all you need.
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  3. Try pressure. Its getting less useful do to the large cell phones, but its a mind blowing effect with a borrowed object .
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  4. Paul Harris's Art of Astonishment, Volume 1 ($33.75)
    David Acer's Random Acts of Magic ($33.75)
    Jerry Mentzer's Counts Cuts and Moves ($7.50)
    John Bannon's Impossibilia (e-book at L&L Publishing $17.95)

    Spend the rest on some Bicycle cards to practice with.
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  5. Looks awesome, how long do you think it will last?
  6. I don't have the trick yet, hoping to get it for Christmas or my birthday coming up, but from what I've heard it last a while. and even if you need a new gimmick you can buy a new one. I don't know how much it costs, on Amazon it is $25 though.
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  7. Double Cross will last you hundreds of performances. It is what I end all my teaser sets with.
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  8. Thank you so much!
  9. True2you I sub! I would recommend double cross as well! its awesome
  10. I commend you for trying to branch out from the typical card tricks. Before I can give my input I need some context as to what you are looking for. Are you wanting stuff for stage magic, street magic, walk around, etc.? Is there a particular effect or spectacle you are trying to accomplish? What kind of venue do you see yourself performing at (i.e. school, friends house, park, theater, etc.)?
  11. If you are into close-up, Calen Morelli's "Odyssey, seems to be very popular. It is extremely visual and a fun one to perform. Organic because it uses an "everyday object." :)
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  12. Asi Wind's "Gypsy Queen" is actually really neat. Even though it's an older trick already, Tom Isaacson's "Prophet" is still one of my all-time favorite effects. I've been performing this effect for over four years now and I still get the same reactions.

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