1. JacobW1194

    Variety Box Question

    Hi! I’m about to reach twelve decks of Theory11’s cards, through purchases off of the website and at Target. When a deck of Blue Monarchs arrives at my house, I’ll be at twelve decks. I’m looking for a way to keep my cards organized, and the Theory Eleven brick Box looks really cool, and it...
  2. Marcel

    Your personal favorite Deck

    Your favorite deck? If you could only pick one. Im not going with rare JNugget deck. I’d have to say I’m on the fence about two different Daniel Madison decks, I really like. Will mull this over a bit longer then reply later. Let’s hear them everyone.....
  3. J

    WHat is the best deck for sleight of hand and magic?

    I want to get a deck that's durable and is good for sleight of hand intensive tricks. Any suggestions?
  4. A

    Difference between Bicycle Maiden Back Marked Cards and Penguin Magic Marked Cards

    Now this question might sound stupid, but I'm confused. Is there a difference between the Bicycle Maiden Back Marked Cards and Penguin Magic Marked Cards? I mean both are selling at almost the same price on the Penguin Magic website. If there is can you help me with: 1. Which one is easier to...
  5. Vzayy

    Designing cards software

    Hello, I began designing decks on drawing software but one which is probably not really suited for designing cards. So I wanted to know if you have any recommandations of which software to use ? If possible, one which is available for free. Thanks !!
  6. sk1ndeep

    Resources for Magicians in Warsaw?

    So I've scouted the internet endlessly for the past few days, and I know this may be a long shot; I am going to be staying close to Warsaw for the next few weeks, and was wondering if anybody knows of any magic shops in the city. (or nearby) If not specifically a magic shop, then ideally...
  7. Acesuwifu

    Custom deck help

    I am an aspiring magician from Portland Oregon and I was wondering if someone could help me create a custom deck. It would be lotus flower themed with a black purple and gold color scheme. If anybody could help me that would be great feel free to email me at
  8. M

    Best deck for cardistry from this list?

    Bicycle Warrior Horse Bicycle Dragon Back Bicycle Peacock Bicycle Stickman
  9. leecreighton

    Labeling your decks

    So let's say you carry several decks of cards to your gigs. A couple of regular decks, maybe a Svengali and a Brainwave deck, and a Si Stebbins stacked deck. Does anyone have a method of labeling these decks so that you know one from another? I've noticed some magicians used several deck...
  10. CardMagicNJ

    Jackpot with David Blaine Mystery Box Set !!!!

    Hey All, Was actually nervous as to what I would receive honestly. Ok, so my autographed deck was the ABC deck which is supposedly rare. 1 - Gold Gatorbacks, 1 - Green Gatorbacks, 1 - Split Spades Lions ( red ) 1st Edition, 1 - Split Spades Lions ( Blue ) 1st Edition, Split Spades Black...
  11. Quinn22101

    Defiling A Deck

    This Valentines Day I made my girlfriend a deck of "52 reasons I love us". I love how it has turned out. I was wondering what people thought about this though? Does it bother you that a deck is destroyed or is it there to be a creative piece? I also made a creative journal and layered the front...
  12. Karo-K54

    Cards: Borderless and Bordered

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a borderless deck of cards and having a deck with cards with a border? Most Bicycle cards have a border, but "Bee" is borderless. It this because it's easier to detect cheating with borderless cards? (I came to this conclusion since "Bee" was...
  13. Karo-K54

    How Long Does a Deck Last?

    I use bad quality, half-dollar, Chinese decks. They last around two months before they go stale... I want to buy a good Bicycle brand deck to do better flourishes and so that I don't need to invest in cards every once in a while. How long does a Standard Bicycle deck last? And what about "Bee"...
  14. D

    Playing Cards - Top Things to Look for in a Deck

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the community (and also pretty new to magic) but I have a question for you all! As a graphic designer who just recently got into magic, I think it would be really cool to develop my own deck of playing cards. While I would mostly just be doing this for fun, I do want...
  15. C

    What are your favorite cardistry cards?

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering what cardistry cards you like the best? List your top 3? Thanks :)
  16. T

    An Amateur Cardist Calling For Help. (Info in Desc).

    Hello all, I am writing this because I need 3-4 cards. I want them to have custom Royals, Maybe custom Aces, a nice unique design, blank cards, double back cards, and other gaff. I also want them to be very visual. It doesn't have to be 4 cards, if maybe 1 had it all. This is for my birthday so...
  17. Antonio Diavolo

    Manipulation Deck?

    I was wondering what would be the best manipulation deck to buy? I'm talking about the super thin decks where people will pull seemingly infinite cards from nowhere, usually on stage. What's the best deck to buy? Also, is there any way to learn some of the methods used in these productions? Or...
  18. T

    Aces labeled with "1"

    Hello community, When I saw the Bicycle Brosmind deck, I've noticed that the aces have "1" indices (numeral one) instead of more familiar "A" (Bicycle's Alchemy v1 and Anne Stokes Collection have the same indices, but both decks are now hard to obtain). I like this style more, but googling...
  19. True2you

    What do I buy with 100$???

    So I have 100$ to spend this holiday season and I'm looking for advice on tricks/decks to buy. I would like around 1/3 of the hundred to go towards new cards and the rest towards magic tricks that do not include cards. Any advice on great NON card effects that are under 70$? Please suggest...
  20. lolhammertime

    Best place to buy custom decks of cards (Los Angeles area)

    Hello! My mom is out on a business trip in L.A. and she has a few days of free time to buy nice decks of cards for me. Where is the best place to buy cool decks? (Don't say Walmart, Walgreens or Target. I'm talking magic shops)
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