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  1. So let's say you carry several decks of cards to your gigs. A couple of regular decks, maybe a
    Svengali and a Brainwave deck, and a Si Stebbins stacked deck.

    Does anyone have a method of labeling these decks so that you know one from another? I've noticed some magicians used several deck flavors (Bicycle, Tally Ho, etc), and that may be enough. I just wanted to explore the topic, as I seem to have a lot of red Bicycle decks around, and all my trick decks are also red Bicycle.
  2. I just use one deck in performance, I don't use that many gimmicks though so normally one deck and some slight of hand work fine for me.
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  3. At a gig - I generally keep it to one prop per pocket. So, back in the day when I did these sorts of tricks, I might have an Ultra Mental deck in the left pocket, and a normal deck in the right pocket. Any time I used the normal cards, they went back into the case and back into the right pocket when I was done with that routine. When I used the Ultra Mental deck it went back into the left pocket.

    As it is, I still do this now, I just never do card tricks. Each pocket holds props for one routine only, and everything is done from that pocket for that routine, and goes back into that pocket at the end. I never get confused because I always rehearse with that set up, so the actions become automatic.

    For storage - Post-It notes work great. I've read a great tip for storage/setting up for a gig, where the performer will put everything necessary for one routine into a ziplock bag or other type of container like that, and label it. That way, everything can go back into that bag/container and then you just move on to the next one. It does mean you might have multiples of some props (cards or sharpies, for example) but you will never be missing anything, and you'll never get them mixed up.

    I used to put subtle marks on the tuck cases of gimmicked decks. So, for example, "ID" next to the bar code for an Invisible Deck. Or if it was stacked, I'd have some kind symbol for that. I prefer the Post-It note thing, though.
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  4. I've read that if you just label your deck on the flap in pencil (lightly), it is never noticed. I haven't tried that so I wouldn't know how effective that is, but I have put hidden marks on my card cases so I know what's what.

    In performance I keep one deck in a card clip, and another in a pocket. After I'm done using the deck that was originally clipped I would put it away in the card case, and put it in my pocket while casually talking. Then, almost like I forgot, I would bring out the second deck and put in the clip and then just leave it there on the table while keeping in conversation. Boom, deck switched. I don't draw any attention to it because it's not like it needs an explanation.
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  5. You can initial the bar code area. Put the tuck case in your pocket when you take the cards or just on a table. I normally mark my gaff decks like that to keep them organized on the shelf.
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  6. That is exactly what I do. Light pencil on the inside flap. I've done it for 18 years and nobody has noticed.
  7. I simply initial the decks that are set up for specific tricks. For example My deck set up for "Chicago Closer" is simply labeled "CC." The deck set up for "Do As You Want" is labeled "DAYW" and so forth. You write it small enough that you can see it id you are looking closely for it, but no one will notice it in performance because no one ever looks at the box that closely. If anyone does notice it i count they will say anything because who cares if the box has random initials on it haha
  8. I put an abbreviation in the barcode with a black sharpie or use colors/backs and associate it with that gimmicked deck.

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