Defiling A Deck

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quinn22101, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. This Valentines Day I made my girlfriend a deck of "52 reasons I love us". I love how it has turned out. I was wondering what people thought about this though? Does it bother you that a deck is destroyed or is it there to be a creative piece? I also made a creative journal and layered the front cover with an old deck of cards. What are some things that you guys have made from decks or ways that you have repurposed them? I'd love to hear everything you have to say.
  2. In the context of magic, cards are tools, meant to be used. Other than rare examples that have sentimental value, I don't see any problem with destroying or otherwise altering cards for creative purposes.

    I've made a few things here and there, like boxes and whatnot, but as I'm not one to put cards on everything, I don't do much with them. Usually once a deck is worn out, or if I move on to another deck, I just give the old one away.
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  3. A few Valentine's ago my girlfriend made me the same type of gift. It's the most precious deck in my collection.
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  4. This is a GREAT idea. Let us know how she reacts to the special [Magical] gift.
    Don't get caught "making a half-pass" though.

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