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  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a borderless deck of cards and having a deck with cards with a border?

    Most Bicycle cards have a border, but "Bee" is borderless. It this because it's easier to detect cheating with borderless cards? (I came to this conclusion since "Bee" was made for casinos.)
  2. The Main Advantage:
    Borderless cards allow you to execute some slights easier as the edge of one card easily blends in with the center of another.

    The Main Disadvantage: You can hide things in the borders, such as small markings or cards turned face up, so bordered cards are preferred by some.

    Honestly, it's just personal preference.

    For false dealing for example, someone may choose Bee because the move can be concealed better. :)
  3. What he said.

    False deals are easier to do with full back designs, as there isn't a white line crossing the back of another card to give it away. Passes are easier, too, for the same reason.

    Reversed cards in the deck are easier to do if the deck has a border, though, because there won't be a white line halfway down the deck.

    Both things can be over come of course. Beveling the deck hides a reversed card pretty well, for example.
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  4. I also agree with the above statements. I am really into cardistry and love a flowing design without a border. But one of the disadvantages is that when they get a little worn, it really shows. They make sleights easier, but reversing hard. I think it depends on what you want to do with the cards. If you put a deck in your pocket for cardistry, then I would use borderless. But if I'm going out to do some magic, I'd use some nice bordered cards. I really use them depending on what I want to do with the cards.
  5. Bordered cards for card magic and Borderless cards for gambling demonstrations or tricks with gambling moves. If performing card magic with bordered cards, you have a little room for error on a double lift. With borderless cards, if you have a double on top of the deck and the cards separate, you see white where white shouldn't be. One other minor difference between the two.
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  6. I perform Triumph so I cannot use borderless lol
  7. I USE bordered cards, but I do own two decks of borderless ones, which make for some amazing second dealing.
    Also, I like borderless cards more actually, they just look more seamless and beautiful, maybe that's just me but, that's what I think.

    Bordered cards do help in certain situations, but because I usually DON'T do tricks that specifically require bordered cards, although I voted for bordered cards, I would love to use borderless ones too.

    Speaking purely to satisfy my visual pleasure here :)
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  8. Bevel the deck slightly forward and you can. And it's a more drastic reveal, since that reversed card will really stand out.
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  9. I domt find any problem doing Triumph effects with borderless decks, and double lifts are fine too, but they can be a real pain with false counts like Elmsley/Ghost and Jordan counts. It's not just a matter of practice—even if the cards are completely squared, a small white line will give everything away. Also, back changing tricks can be very easily detected (like the Chicago Opener).
    Cardistry is also not very appealing as everything blends in (mostly for fans and similar moves, but even cuts don't look that good). I guess they are good for side steals and false deals, but I don't do much fake deals although I am currently learning how to do them, and it won't matter if you are side stealing with a bordered pack if you have enough practise. Same for culling.
    For these reasons I'd prefer using a bordered deck, but don't let my opinion hold out againsy you—this is just what works for me.
  10. What I find is a pain with borderless are reversed cards. They are very noticeable, specially if they are in bulk or in the middle of the deck.

    On the other hand, that situation is not that common for many tricks I do. Usually I'll have the reversed card towards the bottom of the deck and bring attention to the middle later, which I would do by spreading or fanning the cards. There's something magical about the contrast of colors between reversed cards, like Christopher said. I also like that with borderless cards "peeling" sleights are much more invisible, and I'm not just talking about s*c*nd d**ls.

    That being said, I always have both bees and bikes!
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