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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josh_Hayden, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Hi ,

    I'd like to know a few cool tricks , effects and flourishes for performing ,I have an event coming up and need a fresh bunch of stuff to show people. It can be mentalist tricks too I want to show a few tricks from every field .

    Anything is helpful ....

    Thanks ,
  2. Get Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. It covers everything.
  3. Like literally its the perfect one to check up for help ?
    I've been searching for a few and they all seem fine but you know .... but Thanks a lot I'm gonna check this out !
  4. It has cards, coins, bills, rope, sponge balls, cups & balls, bar bets, stage, mentalism and more. For $15 you can't go wrong.

    If you get it, let us know the details of where you are performing and I can recommend effects.
  5. Thanks so much :3 !!! & its a group of magician's 2 for just the Tricks and Cardistry , a Mentalist special and another .. as for where we performing , like i said in my previous thread , we've got multiple locations from hotels to cafe's and mall's so yea ..

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