1. Nerv

    Hired as a magician( but don't know a lot of tricks)

    Hello, i was invited to my friend's birthday party, which is going to be around next week. He hired me to do some magic tricks for $15/ 1 hour. Although i loved the idea, i only know a couple of good tricks. I learned the double lift, bottom deal, and some sleights. I would like to know which...
  2. S

    The Invisible Palm Technique (Youtube)

    Hey guys! Here it is my second video from my channel (SilverMagicAddict)! This time i tried to perform "The Invisible Palm Technique" with some music on it. I hope you like... and im sorry about the image of the video, don't know what's going on (to much pixel viewing and i dont know why) but...
  3. ParkinT

    Recent Interview with David Copperfield

    This is a short, but insightful glimpse into an amazing man; whom I know has influenced many magicians. How He Became the World's Most Successful Magician I particularly like Copperfield's three pieces of career advice; at the end of the article ==== Additional challenge for those so...
  4. A

    Do you need to perform magic or know magic tricks to be a magician?

    I love magic, I practice it but I don’t perform, I really don’t think I will ever perform. I am a student of magic both read and watch everything I can; I love reading essays and am very academic in my learning and love of magic in how the tricks work and the theory behind each trick. I attend...
  5. ink

    Ink Magish

    idk. i started a youtube channel, and i just wanted to spread the word in the magic community. No reveals or anything strictly performance based. FYI avoid the first video.
  6. D


    Hi everyone, I am new to this community and I noticed that no one shares their social media on here, so this is my thread allowing us to share our creative pages. My pages will allow you to laugh I hope, thank you for your time! Facebook: Twitter...
  7. J

    Would anybody pay for this?

    Ok, imagine this, someone chooses a card, then looses it inside of a deck. You then hand the deck to a spectator who shuffles the cards, and gives the cards back to you. You go through the deck take out the two jokers, and your ready to begin the trick. You lay the two (and only two) jokers on...
  8. J

    JJ Productions Presents First Amateur Video

    JJ productions presents our very first ever jam session! Showcasing the art of Cardistry and Magic by two card enthusiasts alike! Let us know what you think in the comments down below! Be sure to like, subscribe and support us!
  9. Tyler Williams Discourse In Magic

    The Ethics of Deception

    As magicians it is our job to show people the impossible and improbable. However, it remains a little unclear as to whether or not it is our job to make people believe the impossible and improbable. At we recently did an interview with Artist Ben Train on the ethics of...
  10. CJK

    Question to Become a Better Magician #2

    Any magician have preference for their magic act. Some prefer talent and practice sleight of hands and study flourishes. Others wish to do more impossible feats and use gimmicks. There are as well the balance who bring equal amounts of both. When you perform, I understand you can't bring every...
  11. Gabriel Z.

    Accomplish and Grow with theory11.

    This month will mark 3 years that I have been a member of Theory11. I have been exposed to a lot of card magic in that time. And I recently found out that if you type in Theory11 on Google you will find my Jack of Clubs painting if you scroll down a little ways.(This is probably my biggest...
  12. P

    Robert Lenz?

    Hello everyone!!! I'm new to the forum so I'm really sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I'm coming to magic as a novice so go easy on me!!! I'm doing some research for a book and I've found some mentions of a magician called Robert Lenz but there doesn't seem to be a lot written about...
  13. morpheis91

    Me proposing to my best friend

    Nothing to crazy in terms of magic. But she always helps me with this one effect. This time I threw her a curveball!
  14. S

    Practice strolling magic at a wedding!

    Hello! I am looking for any strolling magicians looking to practice their art of magic at a wedding this coming June 2016 in the Los Angeles, Ventura County, or Santa Barbara area. It is for a 200+ guest list and you will be able to hone in your skills with various guests in the bar and all...
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