1. H

    Riffle Cull/ Stevens Cull

    I have recently seen a few older videos depicting someone culling a four of a kind of a random card from a shuffled deck. The preformer stated the move used was called the Stevens Cull and, after hours of searching, I was unable to find a good tutorial of how this move is preform. Does anyone...
  2. K

    How to one-hand faro shuffle?

    I can do the charlier cut and hold the half packs with the index finger in between just fine. It's the upcoming parts that are the problem. My most recurring problem is that when I try to interlace the packages, the leftmost one will open too much and the right pack will slide itself entirely...
  3. Brownstudy

    Perfect Riffle Shuffle?

    Hi Everyone, I’m new here so apologies if this question has already been asked. I did search for it and it appears that it hasn’t. Is it possible to teach oneself to consistently do a perfect In the Hand Riffle Shuffle? Is it possible to always cut the deck into two exactly equal packets...
  4. Scodischarge

    False Shuffle Tips

    Hi Guys, I'm having some trouble with my push-through shuffle and was wondering whether somebody could help me. The concept is pretty straightforward and I'd say I'm able to do a decent push-through shuffle (good enough to fool most laymen). However, if you know how it works it's pretty obvious...
  5. A

    Opinions on my push-through shuffle?

    Hi, a few months ago, I bought Daniel Madison's Mechanic download, and I learned his push-through shuffle sequence, which I've been practicing for a couple months now. I'd like some opinions on how well I do the sequence and how I can get better. Thanks a lot! -AJ
  6. Deadlyapples

    So many overhand shuffle techniques - The most deceptive?

    So I am getting a bit overwhelmed with all the different shuffle techniques and concepts and just want some opinions on which to use when and if there are just some shuffles that are better than others. So I am very comfortable with the Overhand in-jog shuffle, shuffle cards off, injog, shuffle...
  7. pbernardo

    The good way to practice?

    Hello people! I am just beginning with card magic, using The Royal Road ... I wonder about the best way in your opinion to progress. For example, I mean, even something as fundamental as the overhand shuffle or false...
  8. M

    How does he do this?

    So i was watching this video, i was wondering how he did this trick? The video is on under Social -> Video's Could someone please explain?!
  9. M

    Need help with Faro shuffle!!

    I started learning out faro 2 weeks ago and I have ruined 2 BRAND new decks during this practice.. I am learning the faro from Dvd implausibilities by Hudson Taylor where he faros from the edges. All my cards(bikes) are spliting and bending.(something like a crimp).. What can I do? Ufff.....
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