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  1. Caleb the Magician

    Best magic tricks/cardistry for YouTube?

    As you saw in the title, I am looking for the best cardistry/magic tricks for my YouTube. I perform mainly shorts and street magic. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I am less than ten subscribers away from 500! So, I was trying to think of a special trick/cardistry move or tutorial to...
  2. Caleb the Magician

    Waterfall shuffle tutorial

    So, this is a video of me teaching the waterfall shuffle. I posted this on YouTube and it has over 1.2k views. But I want your thoughts on how to make it better, or just what you think. (My YouTube channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-xgV-x6XfTmuWTRcyEQLdA
  3. CalebK11268

    What is the best street magic trick to perform?

    As a magician i love performing but it's always hard to figure out what trick to open with and what tricks to perform. I'm pretty advanced but always looking to get better. I really appreciate any tips or suggestions i can get. Thanks! (if you wanna check out my YouTube channel)...
  4. CalebK11268

    What are the best Magic tricks/cardistry moves to post on Youtube?

    I have recently started a YouTube channel where I post magic tricks and cardistry. But the only problem is I never know what the best stuff to do is. So if you guys have any suggestions please comment down below and I will most likely do it. Also if you wanna see what I currently have on to go...
  5. S

    The Daniel Fernandez Trick

    Does anyone know any good books or videos I could use to learn this trick indirectly? Here is the video he put up on youtube:
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