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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Im still going to wait for reviews.

    Neither the Centurians or the Guardians impress me with the quality of stock, so hopefully these are a bit better.
  2. O.k. I have purchased my 6 decks. I have laughed in the face of my wife for trying to stop me hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! I have read all the nagging comments in this forum over colors and marketing. Now there is 1 thing left for me to do.....-----> i am going to go get some nachos. Then i will return to see if my clothes, laptop, cards, magic dvds and paintball gear magically end up on the sidewalk.
  3. Stand you ground P8ntball!
  4. High 5

  5. From what I know of military grade, it typically means it was made by the lowest bidder........
  6. Maybe i'm wrong. After all, my grandfather was in the Navy and he use to play with Aviators lol get it? (That was bad, I know) ::shames self::
  7. You, sir, are a funny man, that comment just slays me!:D
  8. I was actually telling the truth, just ask anyone that served..........

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