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  1. The curtain is lifted. The evidence is disclosed. The answer is here.

    Playing cards uniquely engineered to military precision, with original, iconic style and unsurpassed quality. Now available.

    Over the past 7 days, numerous clues have been posted around the theory11 site and beyond. Images, videos, and hidden messages. The evidence spanned a 55+ page forum thread, with members all over the world working together to strategic result.

    The clues led to a final step - an encrypted form. The first three individuals that enlisted will receive a deck shipped on the house. Jeremy C, DannyT, and Leo C - check your email now. Good hunting, and congratulations.

    We now present the world premiere of the official PROPAGANDA preview video featuring the dual talents of Andrei Jikh and daniel+Madison, shot on location in Las Vegas, Nevada and in the United Kingdom.

    ★★★★★ : PROPAGANDA Playing Cards
    ★★★★★ : PROPAGANDA - Preview Video
  2. Too late to be the first to enlist?
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    Got the video working. O.O I'm definitely picking up a brick of these ASAP. It's nice to see a deck of cards I'd like to be handling more than the standard Bicycle backs. Well done!
  4. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. These are the bomb-diggity.
  6. Oh wow...

    These look very cool.. I wasn't expecting new cards either!!!
  7. Awesome

  8. In the thread I said: "new cards, new artist.". We now have new cards and a new artist.

    I rock.

    Nuf said.:cool:
  9. I believe I guessed that first, and there's no new artist.

    Awesome though. Completely unexpected.

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    yessss I got it!

    Thanks JB for this contest- the deck looks sick!
  11. Why does the gas mask/grenade artwork on the back look like a turkey?
  12. ......meh.....
  13. I guess you haven't noticed yet, but there is indeed a new artist.
  14. NO WAY!!!!
    Thanks so much JB and everyone at T11.
    You guys rock!
    The deck looks amazingly sick and I cant wait for it!!!!

    much love,
    Danny Tripi
  15. I watched the video... and YES i am going to get 6 decks.
  16. I am so sick of playing cards....It's really starting to get ridiculous.

  17. Is it just me or is DM sporting some dreads there?
  18. Not a new artist. Just a 1 on 1 with a different artist
  19. Ever see a vintage gas mask?

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