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  1. I can't really see anything other than black and white in the photos...
  2. If you look at the 11th photo in the slide show of photos on the product page, it should be the cards fanned out. You can tell by that photo that there's definitely colour on the red cards (although, the cards are somewhat faded). So we have blacks, tans, blues, yellows, and reds on the cards, it looks like (note: yellow and blue, along with the other colours, being on the court cards, of course). :)
  3. See attached for a closer look.

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  4. Call me crazy, but I don't think that proceeds will go to the military, just like proceeds from the Centurions aren't going to the Roman Imperium.

    I think that they're just military style cards.
  5. Can someone now post all the clues of propaganda?
  6. We're just supposed to see black and beige in the picture, correct? I just want to make sure, because that's all I'm seeing. :)

    Also, the fronts of the cards--are those beige as well, instead of white?
  7. I might get the deck I need to see a review first
  8. Very nice. I own all of the decks here at T11 and am looking forward to picking about six of these up.
    are you going to run out or are there enough to go around?

  9. Wow. I'm shocked that all the hype was based around this, I highly doubt I'll be picking these up ever. At least this thread was amusing to read for the time being.
  10. but as Sam Hardy pointed out before, the title of the video was THE BEGINNING. what if this deck is only the first of many products in the Propaganda line?
    there's also many clues left unused. what about XIII?
  11. I'll explain what XIII was. There was 2 teaser videos and in both videos it sequenced XIII twice. So, a grand total of 4 times. 4 x 13= 52 (LII) which was the final clue in the hunt, and also included on all the final pictures to represent 52 cards, so a hint that a new deck of cards was going to be released.

  12. Will there be a ltd. Ed. White deck? I know i saw a white box in the video that resembled the white centurions deck. C-mon pppppleeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me know.
  13. Haha, hell yeah :p

    -Sam H
  14. I actually noticed that the first time I watched the trailer.:p Some people I know who are into this kind of thing let me know about this a while back. I was curious myself when my white Cents came like that. According to what I've been told, when first producing decks, your going to obviously want to do a few test runs of them. When getting the first few decks produced to test out, its cheaper to have them made in that blank white box. So chances are the deck that they used probably wasn't in full production at the time of shooting the preview. It was probably in the testing phase.

    Just my guess/assumption.

    As for different colors... I have no idea. Nor do I care right now to be honest. Propaganda JUST came out. I'm still waiting to get normal ones.:p

  15. I knew it...

    I thought of what could 52 resemble and i stayed on cards...

    Thanks for clearing that up :)
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    i don't think so, that is just how the box looks only the front has a design and the back has that window thing.

    never mind i took a closer look at the pics they are probably just a test deck or something
  17. Im going to pull a MIND FREAK here and say the prize tonight for the SNC will be a propaganda deck :rolleyes:
  18. I'd rather have Dan Sperry's new 1 on 1. It looks fantastic. Although, I would like to be one of the first to get the Propaganda deck, and to see what it looks like close-up.
  19. if it is the 1 on 1 ill change my post, thats a real MIND FREAK
  20. Gah, i'm disappointed. That was WAY too much hype. We're starting to turn into Ellusionist. The card are ok looking but i;m probably not gonna get them. I really dont like that its black and white (or brown and white). I was really hoping for a gaff deck. Though i liked how you introduced a new deck out of the blue like this. And i also like how daniel madison is now in color. The video was pwnage too.

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