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1-on-1 :: Bluff Pass by Wayne Houchin

Sep 1, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
Me being naive, I believe it is also overpriced. I already know it (and yes, I may be missing out on some key sublteties, considering I don't like the move very much right now) and I honestly think it is too simple to be worth 5 bucks. The sublteties taught may be woth 5 bucks, but again, I may simply be ignorant.

However, I see absolutely no basis or grounds for a complaint. There have been tons of single controls or utilities already released on 1 on 1 for 5 bucks as well, so this sleight is simply no different. If you don't like it, don't buy it.

I didn't get the For 4 For switch 1 on 1 video because I have Totally Out of Control, but once you get it down, it is brilliant. I have been practicing it non-stop for the last two days, and I am getting pretty good at it. I see an infinite potential for tons of tricks based solely on this move, and this SINGLE utility, I consider definitely worth 5 bucks to learn. Bluff pass is another single utility. 5 bucks for each utility sounds fair to me. Not for you = don't buy it.
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