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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Simon, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. check out the 1-on-1 section, you can pretty much buy all of the tricks from the trilogy from $4.95 each. pretty cool if you just wanted a taste.

    did i miss the updated jones change or is that yet to be released.

    as it is, i already have access to everything released in the 1-on-1 section but i do like the concept of that feature.

    good stuff T11
  2. The Jones Change 1-on-1 is being editing, and, therefore, is not up in the 1-on-1 section. The price will quite different from the others -- $0.00. :)

    The 1-on-1 section is pretty cool, as one can pick and choose sleights and tricks from the Trilogy based -- or some from Chris Kenner -- based on one's own preferences, for an amiable price.

  3. Yeah, the 1 on 1 is probably the most innovative part of T11 site. Too bad I don't have a fast enough internet connection in Iraq to download the damned movies!
  4. i'm aware of the Jones Change, i just thought i'd missed it. got the newsletter a while back.
  5. I thought they were releasing some unpublished material..

  6. yea, me too... still waiting on the underground magic epicenter thing to happen. I don't know why people are so adamant about not letting others not finding this place... other than panic and gaurdian cards you can find EVERYTHING at other sites or stores... not much of a secret I guess.
  7. Maybe when they say "underground" they mean the t11 place is really built underground? Because this place is not a secret, not even close.
  8. So wait...the New Jones Change will be free?
    I paid for it already when i bought the trilogy from E during its first release!
  9. I also am enjoying the 1-on-1's. I've already created a folder on my desktop with about 5 of them. I've got all of Kenner's and Tivo 2.0 with the Molecule cut. I had no clue how hard the molecule cut was...

    Shane K.
  10. It's actually referring to the location of Dana's secret editing chamber...er, office.
  11. if you're having trouble with molecule check this out...http://forums.theory11.com/showthread.php?t=1820

    when i first go the trilogy a while ago, i never took the time to learn the molecule. After seeing the brilliance of it on the 1on1 vid i took the time to go back and learn it...its a great cut!


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