1-on-1 Update : Wynn Deck Release Window - Tonight at 11pm EST

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Wynns sold out already...
  2. I got one =]
    Can you not order 3 at once?
  3. There's a glitch with the 1on1 page. The new 1on1's video is the Card Fundamentals V2 trailer and the Card Fundamentals V2 trailer is gone.

  4. Don't complain. I am not aloud to buy any custom decks.
  5. Not anymore, they fixed it. The new 1-on-1 is out.
  6. Tonights 1-on-1 is up. It is the classic Sloppy Shuffle- taught by Chris Kenner. This effect is relatively easy to do and has been in the professional repertoire of MANY working pros. If you're looking for a strong effect that you can do at a moments notice - check it out:

  7. Sweet! Checking it out. Wynn's sold out so quick. My reflexes are too slow.
  8. Snap! I thought I had placed an order in the first 35 seconds, but I haven't received a receipt yet. Hoping I didn't miss 'em.
  9. What????

    Are you serious?
  10. I'm completely serious. Do I need to say it again?
  11. Custom decks are over rated.
  12. Thanks, that made me feel a little better.
  13. Honestly, end of the day, the deck doesnt make the magician.

    And if you are great with a deck of Bicycles, you will be probably even greater with a 'Custom Deck' (Possibly) but it really doesnt effect it that much.
  14. In a way you're right, but I'd think of it as more of a style thing. Of course, most important is that the deck will handle well enough when you're cutting or tossing or spreading, or doing whatever you need to do.

    But assuming I have two decks that fit that bill, I will go for the one that has the style & look I like most. Having a cool deck will reflect on me, first impressions, when dealing with other people. Plus if nobody else cares, I'd admire them in my own hand or wherever I let them rest.

    If you don't care how you look or how they look, then I guess you're better off fawning over other things. But personally I will always look for the best-looking best-handling deck I can find.

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