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  1. Listen. For all you people who need a reply to hecklers here it is. When a heckler says"I know how you did that" they are putting you on the spot, Reverse it and put them on the spot. This is what you say"Oh finally, someone else who knows the trick." Hand them the stuff you are using and say "Show us your version of the trick." DO NOT be mean. DO NOT get mad. They will only embaress themselves by not being able to perform it. Act like you sincerely want to see their version of the trick. They are only mad because you can do something they can't. If you are on stage, bring THEM on stage in the spotlight and watch them get nervous as we do. Watch them doom themselves.
  2. tons of threads on the forums about heckers. you didnt exactly need to make a new thread.
    Your suggestion may work, but it serves to embarrass the heckler and i honestly dont like the fact that magicians find themselves far superior to their audiences and seek to embarass spectators who dont appriciate the art.
    Think of it as a little boy who laughs at a nude portrait because he doesnt understand the beauty of the brushwork. should the artist chastise him and throw him a brush-making him embarrassed, potentially making him hate the art even more, or should the artist talk to the boy to better help him undertand?
    honestly, we too are people, i see no reason to act superior to everyone else just because we have this little bit of knowlege.
  3. That may have been the most insightful thing i have read on the forums to date
  4. What's the difference, they are embaressing you. You are not embaressing them. They embaress themselves when they heckle you in the first place. You are acting as if you WANT to see their version of the trick to gain more insight. Like I said DO NOT be mean. Be nice about it. They hate it when you are nice to them.
  5. You've failed.
  6. Also I too do not feel we are superior to the spectator in any way. They can do lots of things we can't. I NEVER let the spectator feel like a fool, but if they wish to make me feel like a fool I will let THEM see it is not easy to do what we do. People don't appreciate our art because when someone does a trick half performed for the audience they do not realize it effects the WHOLE profession not just them. Take for example an artist, dancer, actor whatever. Do they perform in the first year they are learning. NO. They stay at home and perfect their art till no one can detect anything no matter what. Why because you have prepared for ALMOST every situation that you will encounter. Max Malini and many oyher pros do not show tricks unless for money or personal gain. Don't show a person a trick to be cool. Show it to open their mind. This will progress the art. Many people only see half decent performers. If you want to see a real pro you have to pay good money. Magic is one of the only arts where I feel you see more bad than good. Dancers and actors and so forth you tend to see more good than bad. Not everyone is going to be good of course.
  7. I agree with FOO on this one. We're not out to challenge the spectators in any way, induce hostility, or make an embarassment out of them. Either the performer needs to work on his/her presentation, select better effects and routine them in different way, or alter your style. A lot about what a spectator thinks comes directly from the performer's style. Don't be the slightest bit aggressive, yet maintain a cool and collective minsdet while retaining your assertion. It's all experimentation that will provide you with solutions. IN any case... AGAIN I will bring up James Brown. God... isn't that guy amazing. He realizes stuff people never do. He says "I don't care."

    Honest to god or whatever higher being (please don't start a discussion over this), the few times i have ever been caught or spectators suspect something, I either just ignore or say "I don't care." Sometimes I go "Eh? That's great. I don't care" Hecklers shut up, it's quick to the point, and it spreads the message without pissing people off. Believe me, the few times I've ever had to do it, the line worked.

    But seriously, just work on performance style and routining. IN other words, everyone read Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz. He brings it up in that godly book of his.
  8. Well I understand what you're saying, but you don't have to write a friggin paragraph about it.
    To summarize what you've said(this is what I basically do when someone tries to heckle me) I just say "oh cool" then I shove my cards to my "heckler" and go "Let's see you do it" then of course they fail and I take my cards back and just walk away.
  9. Lol Wouldnt it be funny if the heckler was a magician too :p? ( a douceh bag of a magician though :p)
  10. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie First look at the other PARAGRAPHS that were wrote too. Then your summarization is the same EXACT thing I said. THINK before replying.
  11. Think before replying? How about you stop being a hypocrite. I only read your first post in this topic. I didn't bother reading everyone else's post. I'm simply replying to your own original post.

    Also I can't quiet understand your second sentence. If you want to play this "being stupid game" then you're not the right person to start it.
  12. I never said anyone was stupid. Nor am I am being hypoctitical, but sayin "We don't need a friggin paragraph about it" is kinda mean spirited to begin with.
  13. jbear, eddie was merely making a point about your first post. there was no need for that condesending tone. seriously, your attitude towards hecklers seems to shine through to these forums too. Lose the I-am-greater-than-you attitude.

    "Magic is one of the only arts where I feel you see more bad than good. Dancers and actors and so forth you tend to see more good than bad. Not everyone is going to be good of course. "

    You havent seen much have you.

    either way, your method, though acting as if you genuinely want to see them try, still embarasses them.

    @thekingofcards : apathy ftw! haha
  14. Nothin I have said in this forum says I am greater than anyone. I probably have less experience than all of you combined. If you want to talk of codescending. Eddie was kinda rude in his first post. This is just for insight and information. Not meant to get people mad. If I upset anyone. I am truly sorry.
  15. It was my bad on the paragraph part. I said that because you've already stated your point in the first 3 sentence then the rest were pretty much repeating don't get pissed off at them.
  16. haha yeah... I like consistency. If people write a paragraph, I will write one full of stuff as well. Thanks for reading tho =)
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    honestly , i have never ran into a heckler because i always pick my spectators when doing street magic.i dont know but if i ran into a heckler i would just leave .then perform to another group of people nearby and try to get the best reactions possible so that the hackler might feel bad about ruining everyone's fun.it is just my opinion though.plz tell me what u think
  18. I am not saying everyone has to agree with me. This is only my opinion. As everyone knows opinions are like like you know what. Everyone has one, yet nobody wants to hear them.
  19. I think you should challenge yourself with hecklers. In the case they annoy you, just be like 'I don't care." You're doing the world a bigger favor by making the hecklers turn to retirement =) Also, assert yourself. It's important to have a presence that is cool and collected, as well as assertive at the same time. No matter what the situation, keep your cool and don't give in. Remember, if a spectator honestly is bored or doesn't like your magic, he/she WILL walk away. It's as simple as that. Now think how many times people have walked away while you perform a trick. I can think of none for myself, no matter how pitiful the effect. It's really weird, but be proud of hecklers trying to catch you. Let them play their sorry little game, and if you're ok with it, then just perform on. Just don't let them get a single word on you, or their EGO WILL SWELL and everyone will magically transform into a heckler by a means that is non-gimmicked and COMPLETELY clean!
  20. Opinions are good. If we didn't have opinions, then this forum would epic fail. Now we have good stuff to talk about, and maybe it will interest me more than hearing every single news station on TV talk about the economic crisis we're in here in the US! =) Mc Cain and Obama should join Theory 11 and learn a magic trick. That way, when they perform and get heckled, they will get a taste of what they're doing to us as a country O___o =)

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