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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by jbear574, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. and I suggest that you are in no position to call anyone a "kiddie", mate. Talk about irony; criticising others' criticisms by trying to insult people, good work there.

    Sorry- i didnt see you being civilized and trying to clear up the argument. I apologise. I shouldve been childish and joined in the fight.

    Very Insightful. Oh and little 'Jabs' at me to try and boost your Internet-Ego will get you nowhere 'Mate'. You can try all you want- Either way, you were arguing. and it wasnt even in a civilized manner.

    on a sidenote a good classic force usually shuts a heckler up. Or say "good for you. " and just ignore him.
  2. Have you even been reading the last page of this thread? Stop trying to provoke the embers, in case you haven't noticed, yes we already have sorted this out and ended the argument. By trying to unnecessarily condescend, you already were being childish. Yes, I was arguing, and I have every right to argue a point.

    If I feel you are being hypocritical, I will call you out on it, but it is my opinion that it would be foolish to see it as a "jab" against you. I have no vested interest in you, I'm not your mother, and I don't care to insult anyone. In order to jab at someone, one must first care, neither of which apply to me.

    I never intend to personalise any argument, but I take no responsibility for others who take criticism too heavily. jbear and I have settled the argument in my opinion, and I fail to see how you calling us a "kiddie" is in any way more civilised than anyone else.
  3. i think the urge for you to Win-all-arguments has not faded- even from the argument beforehand.

    Someone needs a time out. And yes, Im Patronising you. If it isnt obvious.

    and if you didnt intend to personalise any argument- may i ask why that specific paragraph was blatantly aimed at me? pardon, you seem to have contradicted yourself there. Mate.

    Anywho, im not really fond of just giving you another excuse to re-energise the internet ego.

    Sinful Signin' off.
  4. I think of it more like a call you out if I disagree instinct. Congratulations, over the course of about 3 posts, you have managed to transform from asking for peace to patronising someone. As I mentioned before, jbear and I have settled our argument and respect each other's conflicting views, whilst acknowledging some common truths. There has absolutely been no need for you to continue this with two posts essentially insulting and by your own admission patronising me. I called you out for hypocrisy in demeaning people while asking for arguments to cease. I have since stated my mere opinion, yet you choose to continue posting insulting threads. If you would like to continue insulting me, please do so via PM, and I'll show you how much I care by deleting them unread.

    Actually, if you had read my last post properly, you would understand that there's no contradiction. Just because I criticise doesn't mean I'm personally attacking you. If you can't take criticism, or if you take it all personally, I can't say much except that it's really your own fault. I can aim criticism at you without making it personal - at least, it's not personal for me, because I don't care.

    It just happens to be 3 AM, and I have real problems I actually care about - so I just can't sleep at the moment. If all you can offer is patronising words, I suggest that it is you who needs a time out.
  5. haha - now that the air is cleared...do we all agree that putting someone on the spot to shut them up is a bad idea....or am I beating a dead horse?
  6. I very much agree that we should probably just walk away from a heckler. Maybe we should just walk away from this discussion. No one seems to agree with anyone. Maybe when I get heckled I'll just punch them out. HaHaHa Just kidding.
  7. Jbear,

    People have different experience and are at different points in their ability, performance and technical - so you are getting a wide range of opinions and ideas.

    Nevertheless, I can only speak from my decade of performance experience - there are many misconceptions on both sides of performance. If we are not doing our part to create fun and re-educate in a friendly and gentle way, how can we get the audience to see magic for what it is? The way to re-educate is by living by example.

    Think about the misconceptions on both sides:

    Many performers think that people are just there to perform AT rather than with, if you got people on your side by creating trust, you would have less hecklers.

    Audiences think our job is ONLY to fool - and any presentation is seem as a surprise or they feel it is there to distract. We know that it is part of the journey and gives reason for the magic on an emotional level.

    Which leads me to your misconception - you saw the spectator saying something as heckling, when it was feedback. Remember, they feel their job is to catch you - so why wouldn't he do his job, when you aren't doing yours?

    They also think magicians are trying to make them look stupid - and your response did just that. Imagine if you turned it around and said - really, what did you see - I appreciate the help. Then say, well, since I did a poor job on that one - let me show you an even better one to make up for it. A much more professional and kind answer.

    Often our ego's get in the way of creating a good experience - if you take yourself LESS seriously, people may take you MORE seriously. Think about the guy that brags about what he does - then think about the modest guy. Who do you automatically like more? The modest guy right - and you will brag FOR him - another good business concept.

    Anyhow, David Williamson talked about how we come across so perfect, that it makes it hard for people to relate. When you show you are human, people can identify with you more.

    Imagine you played guitar and someone pointed out you played the wrong chord, and we all know it doesn't take a trained guitar player to recognize when someone isn't playing well. If he handed over the guitar and say...well, show me how it's played then - how would you react?

    So to get to the point finally - don't walk away - just say thank you. Feedback is a gift, take it and cherish it to become better. Show them something else - Jbear it seems as if all your solutions involve giving up or confrontation - there are better ways. Think about ways to make the situation better, then post.
  8. Morgician that was a VERY good post thanks for pointing that out you are absolutely correct.
  9. Anytime Jbear - I am glad this was a learning experience for you - as I am sure you will rock the crowds even harder than you already did. Cheers.
  10. I usually reply " Care to demonstrate?"

    Also.. funny story, mainly.. most laymen know the key card technique... and you can just TELL when they are doing it.. This kid wanted to show me a trick, and right as he asked me to cut the deck, I did a pass, and when he went further into it, it ****ed up the whole system, and people were like " he magically made it where you couldnt find his card" and **** like that. its funny... "pass".. "what about football?" LOL
  11. Ah that's mean man, screwing up another would-be magician's performance :p You should've just told him about it afterwards...

    This is what I meant when I said careful of challenging in certain situations, never know when you'll perform for someone who knows something.
  12. You see JBear...it is not just you that struggles with treating people well...wow...Thecleaner makes a kid look stupid...I WISHED I worked in the same town as you to pick up the business you lost.

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