$190 to Spend.

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  1. Save it unless you are set on getting the list of DVD's you mentioned.

    P.S. If you dont have the wisdom of solomon book I highly recomend investing in it.
  2. why would you recommend me for tallies over guardians? I hope you know I am an intermediate
    card magician and an begginer cardist
  3. if you're getting the trilogy and surfaced, you are going to be practicing. a lot.
  4. Yeah is your money spend on anything you want. But I will go with Katie save up a bit and until you see anything you see yourself using by it.
  5. Because I like how Guardians look. So much so that I am willing to pay the extra 2.99 or whatever it is to get them over tallies. Now that is a really dumb reason to get cards when you could get just as good of cards that might not look as nice for like 3 bucks cheaper. I may be a straight A student and a pretty good magician but sometimes I can be a real idiot. By the way I thought of a better investment. Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz. It may not have all the answers but it will get you asking the right questions.
  6. You remain me Like someone. Like me.
  7. Reread your statement until you understand what's wrong with it. Only when you do do I advise you to get hold of some stronger books on magic, like (ironically) Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz.

  8. Keep

    Keep your money and go to your local library. Either that or stop looking for something to buy and go out and perform!

    After that practice the effects you just performed till you can do them in your sleep and do them well, cause just cause you can fool some people doesnt mean your doing it well.

    Now if I have to suggest something save more bucks and get Paul Harris new DVD set. With that one buy you'll never have to buy magic again.
  9. An intermediate card magician wouldn't need to ask what to get. An intermediate magician knows where he is in magic and where he wants to go, and by extension, does research himself as to what kind of magic he wants to perform.
  10. Katie said this earlier in the thread in less words, but I think you expanded on it well, and once again I couldn't agree more.

    If you don't know what you want to get, you don't need to get anything, you're not anywhere near finished with the material you have.

    I'll give an example, and yeah I've been where you are "What next? :D" which is easy to be like when you have $190 to spend :p But, if you sit down and take a look at your material, take a look at what you've really warmed to and read through it all again, you'll likely find paths that lead into you knowing exactly what you want to pick up next.

    Carrying on with my example, on recommendation by Michael Vincent I picked up Aronson's Try The Impossible, incredible card magic and a fantastic ring on rubber band routine in it. Best of all, I'd argue nearly all the effects are sleightless or look sleightless. This is the magic I want to perform, magic that looks effortless. On the other side of the coin, I went to a John Bannon lecture recently and I loved the way his mind worked and came up with this creative effects and also theories that many would disagree with, picked up his lecture notes and now I'm saving up to purchase his book Dear Mr. Fantasy.

    One thing follows on from another if you sit down, focus and just take it slow.

    So I'm not the best with words, but hopefully something in here made sense :)

    - Sean
  11. If I were to get anything if I were you... it would be the Art Of astonishment series of books by Paul Harris.
    and this...
    Both ring true here, you really shouldn't need to ask!
    But I would stay away from DVD's right now, because your "intermediate"
    by your own accord. Those three books will last you a long long time, and have plenty of great pieces of magic to expand upon with experience preforming!
  12. Kid if you can blow 180 bucks on nothing but playing cards then you've got some serious problems.

    If I were you, I'd invest that money in Strong Magic or Maximum Entertainment. Hell, maybe both.

    You would still have money left over to buy a jumbo pack of 12 decks of bikes at Sams Club or Costco, AND still have a buck or two for lunch afterwords.
  13. Actually, Will might be onto something. Get Strong Magic, and then buy either your girlfriend or your mother some really nice flowers and a gift. Or both of them.

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