$190 to Spend.

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  1. Hey guys i am having trouble deciding between using my birthday money on gifts
    so I have narrowed it down to the following:

    The Trilogy+Andthensome bundle and surfaced ($150)

    but that is not the problem this is should i get

    6 split spades 2 of each color ($27.00)
    3 wynns of ebay red, blue and brown($28.50)
    12 decks of vintage back design 2 of each 6 designs that includes fan back and so forth ($40)
    or finally 1 Centurion 2 propaganda 3 rare tsunami decks 3 ghost and a ghost dogtag ($66) keep in mind if i choose this i cant get either surfaced or andthensome

    so what cards should i get also think about shipping and insurance on the tsunami, wynns and vintage insurance is an extra $1.50
  2. ok i would say get 2 bricks of bikes or 30 but if not i would say either he 6 split spades or the 12 vintage decks those kick ass but honestly i would get 12 massas from ebay thats like 25 or like 12 Aladdin's smooth finish unless u like airflow. tell me which ones your interested in and ill narrow it down.
  3. Never mind I changed my mind et 12 packs of tallys 6 circle backs 6 fan backs.

    The best cards ive ever used and there cheap!
  4. I would get half a brick (6 decks) of Guardians as they are my favorite cards but for you I would go with a brick of tallies.
  5. I think that you ARE going to get it all... (Inside joke:D) But you should definatly get 1 Centurion 2 propaganda 3 rare tsunami decks 3 ghost decks cause' I think you might owe SOMEONE some cards...;)
  6. None of the above.. Why would you spend 190 bucks of different cards? That's just silly. Buy a 12 pack of regular bikes and then spend the rest on whatever else you want.

    I'm not really going to suggest anything else because I doubt you'd listen to it. But seriously dude, 190 bucks for cards?
  7. Well... He needs to spend $20 on SOMEONE :rolleyes: ... Thats all I know... :)
  8. lol not $190 on cards. He's spending $150 on trilogy+andthensome and surfaced.

    So $40 in cards. Plus, if he collects them like I do then why shouldn't he?

    You can get, like I just did, a brick or red and violet wynn's, tech art.

    Or a brick or aladins or arrcos.

    Good luck lol.
  9. Collecting cards is as folley as buying pokemon cards.
    Buy books on performance and maybe just the trilogy.
    Buy a thumb tip if you dont have one. Buy products that are actually worth the money.
  10. Well,

    I think if you have to ask a public forum how you should spend your money, maybe you shouldn't buy anything.

    Maybe you should save it for something you really want at a later date.

  11. <3 Could not agree more.

    - Sean

  12. You're opinion is stupid, but an opinion none the less. I collect cards... So what? It's a "foolish choice" according to who, I mean someone with importance. Btw "folley" is not a word, however foley and folly are. I believe buying cards or buying DVD's is the same for either type of person... I enjoy my cards just as much as your DVDs and books. So I don't see a valid point to your opinion.

    Buy books on performance or just read the forums here, for free. Or look it up tips and articles about it, for free. Don't buy a thumb tip unless your into that stuff. Buy things that make you happy and are worth it to you, not some egotistical know-it-all.

  13. I wonder who that would be
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    Thanks for the help I will hopefully get more money and be able to buy all of this:D
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  16. I'm surprised more people haven't affirmed Katie's post. Although I second visualartist's comment on performance theory.
  17. Well I also agree with katie,honestly.
    But I believe perormance should always be suggested nonetheless.
  18. Listen to Katie


    If you dont know exactly what you want, you are just wasting your time. If you love the trilogy and want it more than sex, get it. If you are just buying it because you have the money, its most likely going to sit on your shelf and collect dust. If you are unsure but still really want it, why not buy one of the dvds instead of all three. You will spend only 30 bucks and then you will find out if you like it and can pick up the rest. 200 dollars is a lot of cash to spend just for the hell of it. Put it in your bank account, then when something you really want comes out you can buy it. Andrei's DVD will be out soon, and possibly totally out of control. You are going to feel like an idiot if you decide you want one of those but you are broke.

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