2 Card Transpos With no Dupes

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  1. Hey guys,
    Just wondering what your favorite two card transpositions are that use no dupes. I haven't really found one that quite fits me in the market, the only one that comes kinda close to my liking is rip and fold by Rik Lax.
    So what are you guys's favorite variation of the classic effect?

    After searching for a while I decided to create my own variation of the effect: https://52weeklyblog.wordpress.com/ Tell me what you think.

  2. Here is my Two Card Transposition Effect, "Tu Tu Transpo". No dupes and uses a fun multiple card control! :)
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  3. 'Ace in the Pocket' by Darwin Ortiz
  4. I forget the name but Michael Vincent does the cleanest transpo I've seen.

    In general i think the best transpos have three switches. Selection 1 for x card, selection 2 for selection 1, and x card for selection 2. Follow that pattern and you'll get something good.

    I think the most import part of a transposition, or really any trick, is the presentation. Most magicians go with the "accidental, magic is happening to me" type presentation. I think it's a lazy presentation. A lot of the time people will forget which card is which and not even notice the effect.
  5. I really like Lapse by Daniel Madison. It's not necessarily presented as a transpo, but it's essentially what it is. It can be found in his PDF "One", which is included in "Anthology" as well as "Legacy"
  6. Rick Lax has another one on his Laptop lecture

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