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2017 theory11 Holiday Contest!

Lyle Borders

vp of operations // theory11
Team member
Aug 5, 2008
Seattle, WA
Hey everyone!

It is that time again, your favorite time of year - The annual theory11 Holiday Contest, featuring the return of the Holiday Wheel!

That's right, the Wheel is back, and better than ever. If you aren't familiar with how it works, let me break it down. From now through the end of the contest, every item (that isn't free) you purchase earns you ONE token to spin the Wheel. That's right - EVERY ITEM. Deck or trick. DVD or Download. theory11 product or Marketplace product, every item counts. Purchase 12 decks? Get 12 tokens. Easy.

After your purchase, you will get an email with a unique link that allows you to spin the Holiday Wheel for your purchases. It is a new link every time, so if you make a second purchase, you will need to open that second email to spin for that purchase.

No able to make a purchase today? No worries! You can get a free spin every 24 hours. The odds are identical to spins from purchases, free spins can still win grand prizes!

What kind of prizes are we talking about?


Elite Points - From small bundles of points to Instant Elite Memberships worth 10,000 points, you will surely boost your Elite Point total this year.

Free Rare Decks - 5th and Laurel, MailChimp Summer Edition, Gold Monarchs, and more!

Free Uncut Sheets - Pulled from our Archive, uncut sheets of some of your favorite decks.

Free Brass Pins - Some of our favorite collectable pins will let you show off your theory11 pride anywhere you go.


Mahogany Holiday Ornaments - Super rare, extremely beautiful wooden ornaments featuring theory11 artwork.

Signed NPH Decks - Signed by Neil Patrick Harris himself, these are EXTREMELY limited and will never be sold.

Video Production Kit - A Canon T6i DSLR will jumpstart your next magic or cardistry project.

Ultimate Magic Collection
- A hand curated bundle of some of theory11's best magic releases, delivered to your door and your theory11 account free of charge.

Ultimate Playing Card Collection - We went digging deep in our archive for some of our most sought after decks and put them in one of our tabletop displays, just for you.

Meet the Magician - Two Premium Tickets to The Magician at The NoMad starring Dan White. See the show, and enjoy a VIP meet and greet with Dan after the show.

The contest is LIVE, so go get your spin on!

What do YOU want to win? What have you won so far? Let us know.

Good luck, and Cerca Trova!

// L
Sep 9, 2017
I got my fingers crossed.
I won 25 elite points on my first go.

I most definitely want to win some of those rare decks! :D
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Jul 15, 2017
I would love that video production kit and or the Ultimate magic collection! This is a really cool and fun thing, thanks theory 11.
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Elite Member
Jul 15, 2013
I got nothing...but the month is young! I bought a trick earlier but I haven't gotten my spin yet...any word when that will be ready?
Jul 5, 2016
Got nothing my first go, but I won't let that discourage me. I look forward to possibly winning a wooden ornament. A deck or two would be nice as well.

Good luck to all involved!
Sep 9, 2017
By the way, it seems that the emails sent out are not synchronous to the free spins you actually have.
I got an email at 05:30 am this morning saying I got a free spin. But I don't have a free spin.
I did use a free spin around 24:00ish~. So before I got the mail. Probably the mail is just sent based on something else and not on the activation of a new spin then? is that correct.
Sep 23, 2017
Exclusive Cards
Magic Collection
Video Set
Elite Points - Instant Membership - BTW I never knew John Smith from the 1600s had an account on T11
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Dec 1, 2017
I'm pretty sure that the major prizes are extremely rare and only one or two people will actually get them... =( only no prizes and small amounts of elite points for me I guess...
Jul 5, 2016
No prize again. It's always good to have a source of humbling chance! I can't wait until tomorrow's spin!
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