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2017 theory11 Holiday Contest!

Oct 4, 2015
Won 400 points so far! Looking forward to win Video Production Kit . I know that all of us want this kit but I want to share my feelings of how mad I am for a DSLR. I am from India and I am a student. Earning money in India is really tough. I been saving money from my pocket money since 2013 for a DSLR but so far I could only manage like $100. I know posting my story won't make me win this but it feels good to share feeling with someone. Thanks for reading! Have a great day sir.
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Oct 30, 2017
Wow this contest is truly amazing. I won a total of 100 elite points so far. Pretty sweet! Once again Theory 11 rocks!

-Fortune Favors The Brave
Nov 30, 2017
The contest has been a good excuse to pick up some tricks that I’ve been eyeing. Thanks for being so awesome to the community. I know that this is a business, but these sorts of things feel a bit above and beyond effort- and benefit-wise.

Lyle Borders

vp of operations // theory11
Team member
Aug 5, 2008
Seattle, WA
Question: If I get a spin again, can I just quit and use that spin again later?

Your new spin is added immediately to your current total. If you have 5 spins, use one (now 4), and get a Spin Again, your total jumps back to 5. When you use your next spin, you drop down to 4 again.

You can come back to that spin later if you want, but it will only be available at the exact same link. It will not be waiting for you with your next day's free spin on a new link.

// L
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Nov 24, 2017
So far...

1: 100 pts
2 : 50 pts
3 : 50 pts
4 : 25 pts
5 : No reward
6 : No reward
7 : No reward
8 : 25 pts
9 : No reward
10 : No reward
11 : 25 pts

Only free spin


Elite Member
Jun 14, 2013
Got another spin (at least it was a different part of the wheel!) then got another 50pts for Gryffyndor


Elite Member
Jul 24, 2010
Don't you love it when the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up is your spin. You pick up your phone and and spin the wheel and get a no reward.

No? Me niether
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Sep 18, 2017
I can't believe that I have not yet won the trip to Vegas and the chance to perform on stage with Shin Lim! I'm also bummed I didn't win the Ferrari!

Seriously though! Loving the competition! I only win points here and there, but it is so much fun spinning! Great job Theory 11!!!

Khaleel Olaiky

Elite Member
Aug 31, 2013
A lot of “no reward” this year for me :( but I’m still grateful for spinning the wheel it’s so fun.
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