2017 theory11 Holiday Contest!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lyle Borders, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Doing good so far.. 1x100 points, 3x25 points and a no reward.. hoping for a signed NPH deck, fingers crossed
  2. How long does it take for free points to get added to our lifetime points? Just curious. I've won 2x25 points but they don't seem to have been added
  3. Same day. I can see your points from your spins in your lifetime total now. :)

    // L
  4. another 100 points
  5. Has anyone actually ever won a reward other than the elite points?
  6. Coleman won a signed NPH deck - https://www.theory11.com/forums/threads/2017-theory11-holiday-contest.49886/#post-472314

    So far, we have awarded a few signed NPH decks, dozens of rare decks, multiple uncut sheets and ornaments, dozens of our awesome brass pins, and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Elite Points. This is in less than a week, and we still have the entire month to go!

    // L
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  7. I'm starting to think you guys put a magnet under the "no reward" part. 3 times in a row no reward :( I know you guy's are magician but this trick even I can figure out XD

    I know for a fact that somewhere in my life I pissed off RNJezus though seems like I will never be able to make up for that bad luck :p
  8. Nothing the last two days. We shall see tomorrow.
  9. Every year I have a few good days and a few bad days keep a smile on!
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  10. My first no reward of this year, hope it'll be the last :D
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  11. I got an email to tell em the competition had started and got my free spin (no reward) in a link and since then I've not had another spin awarded per day... Shame :/
  12. I won the Gold Monarchs today! So happy!!! Wanted them for so long!
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  13. Spins are not awarded automatically - You have to come to the site every 24 hours and claim your free spin!

    // L
  14. Yeah, Holiday Contest again! :)
    In 3 years I won only Elite Points.
    By virtue of accumulating points, I became an elite member yesterday.
    I wait for my personalized card and I hope to win some interesting prizes!
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  15. Haha, I am on 5 consecutive days of no reward. Luck has to change soon right?
  16. So far only EP for me too...

    I’d love a new deck too...
  17. My spin for today said I won an ornament and that I would get an email on how to contact support. I never received the email though. Should I contact support anyways @Lyle Borders ?
  18. Sigh....another 25 ep....it’s either that or no reward...

    Beginning to think it’s not so random at all but clearly programmed towards some kinda timing...

    Saying that - EPS are better than nothing! :D
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  19. This might make you jealous of me.

    I got two consecutive "no rewards"
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