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  1. BTW, I dont know if t11 will be reading this, but I really appreciate the arrows added to the Forum section in the home page of t11. Really convenient for iPad users!
  2. That's a good question... Will that be today or can I go to sleep? Its 6.15 AM here! 2moro I'll be sleeping until afternoon...
  3. I'm not sure if he'll announce it. I doubt he even knows. They probably just threw it into a random box they're sending out and the person who gets it will probably make a thread about it.
  4. You have some sharp eyes! Yes, we made some subtle tweaks to the main page earlier this week. Good catch!
  5. Regarding that 7th deck we were trying to post last night... we tried our best, but between filming 3 (!!) magic projects this past week in Vegas, arriving back in NYC after EMC, getting sick (still!) on the way back, and launching the new Bicycle site yesterday morning - we just couldn't make it happen. But we certainly tried. No worries, though - quality over quantity, and no need to rush. We will post an update as soon as things are ready. Well, well worth the wait.
  6. Does anyone use standard Bee's anymore? I await the black, red and blue titanium Stingers.
  7. Who is the winner of the signed deck? I really want to know... I'd like to see it in my package...... Please! Haha
  8. I don't think it was you and you already have enough decks in your package!
  9. Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean... :)
  10. The contest results are in! Drumroll please... Congratulations to James W. in Crestview, Florida for winning the Bicycle Titaniums v2 signed by David Berglas! Take great care of them - a collector's item unlike anything we've offered before.
  11. argh.. when are the white lions coming out....
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    I use Bees.

  13. I also use bee's. Everyday and during every performance. They're my favourite deck.
  14. I'm shocked. I do like Bee's but I prefer Stingers as you can see when a card is reversed in a standard Bee diamond back deck.
  15. Bees are THE classic deck for gambling routines and demos. They're not great with magic tricks that use reversed cards, but that's hardly a problem when you're demonstrating stacking, dealing, false shuffling, etc. They are my personal bread & butter card. Even if they're cut the modern way, they still faro bottom-up nicely when they're broken in. I love 'em, and I've got 2 bricks on the way. Shipping to Canada is killer (25% of the total price), but these will be worth it. Bees, Gold Seal Bees, Platinum Bees, Casino Bees, Stinger Bees, it's all good. Buy ALL the Bees!
  16. Omg idk why people still think "oh my god i can't reverse card in my bee deck".. is like the end of the world... people you can do 100 other tricks that don't use reverse card...
  17. For the record I doubt anyone thinks "oh my god i can't reverse card in my bee deck". Keep your options open as much as possible, always.

    p.s, Steamboats are better than Bees!

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