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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magicjack, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. 6 of them are up!
  2. waitin for the 7th deck
  3. I ordered 2 of everything that was released tonight! I hope.......... :D
    I'm looking forward to seeing who wins the David Berglas Titanium deck ....... :)
  4. Any more to be released?
  5. My iMac is getting hotter and hotter...
  6. just ordered my 2 bee titanium decks. 1 crimsion red, 1 steel blue. a total of $15.35. now cant wait for that delivery!
  7. My head is going to explode... I can't process all the data in both dollars and euros...
  8. Another release? Or should I be ordering now?
  9. JB told 7 decks. 6 are up. I don't know what to do. Over 100 bucks in my cart. Need to delete stuff.
  10. Not complaining at all, mind you, but I have to admit I got my hopes up for six different decks tonight, not three different decks each in two different colors.

    I'm not complaining because in the end it probably saved me a ton of money!!!
  11. Theory11's twitter says 6 decks released tonight so perhaps the 7th is the deck in the contest.

    No further tweets indicate anymore decks to be released tonight.

    Meanwhile on D&D, collectors box of S&M V4 & V5 went on sale at the same time
  12. Not sure if JB or anyone else part of T11 will see this...

    Are any of the new releases going to be limited, or can I take my time to get them

    *Embossed Bees were a s-weet idea.
  13. Little problem... Shipping costs 50 bucks. My cart has a total of 170 bucks. 32 decks. 5 bucks per deck. That's kinda expensive
  14. ok when is jb going to announce the winner of the deck?
  15. Where do you live?
  16. Alright! I've just placed my order. 170 bucks. Decks for a lifetime. Well, maybe not that much.
  17. In San Sebastian, Spain.
  18. Oh, ok.. because if you live in the U.S. you could have broke that transaction into 3 different ones so you would pay about $15-$20 for shipping.

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