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  1. Sorry for not getting my facts straight... we won't be releasing three decks this Friday. There will be six. Okay, possibly seven. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. ;)

    The first six have a nice Titanium shine... check the theory11 facebook page in 10 minutes for a chance to win your choice of any of them!
  2. seven? My mind= Blown
  3. MY guess is 6 of these

    At least 2 decks of titaniums
    white lions
    s&m v6
    blue stingers
  4. So six Titanium decks eh?

    I'm thinking...

    1. Bicycle Titanium Crimson Red - Second Edition
    2. Bicycle Titanium Steel Blue - Second Edition
    3. Tally-Ho Titanium Circle Back Crimson Red
    4. Tally-Ho Titanium Circle Back Steel Blue
    5. Bee Stingers Titanium Crimson Red
    6. Bee Stingers Titanium Steel Blue

    7. White Lions

    Definitely no Smoke & Mirrors since Dan and Dave posted this on Facebook:

    "Join us this Friday at 8pm PST for a sneak peak at our new deck."
  5. Yes no Smoke and Mirrors!
  6. so no smoke and mirrors....... but seven decks from T11 WOW! :D
  7. I can 100% predict that my bank account will be lower.
  8. I should change the name of this thread :D I can't wait for the new decks! Also , Lee Asher is selling Jerry's Nuggets on Monday!
  9. Hey never ordered from T11 before what time will these decks come out on friday??
  10. Releases tonight will be at 11:00pm EST on the dot. Very excited - six new friends to introduce you to. Have one special prize for someone that orders at least one deck of Titanium's between 11:00pm EST and midnight TONIGHT. One hour only. Something very special - and there's a story behind it.

    The final day at EMC, this past Sunday, we were fortunate to have the legendary David Berglas sign a deck of the brand new Bicycle Titanium Edition v2. Moments later, David left for the airport leaving Portugal. But he handed me this deck - and I was very appreciative.

    Immediately, I was told by Luis de Matos that Mr. Berglas had signed it in PEN. Not Sharpie. Just a pen. Fearing the ink would smear (and it would) - I held the deck in my own hands carefully. For four hours. I held it carefully until we returned back to the studio. The result was a success - that signature dried, it hardened, and one of you tonight will own it. Stay tuned tonight at 11:00pm EST for a shot at adding it, among 5 other things, to your collection.

  11. I agree. Dan and Dave always say when S&M are being released.
  12. DnD said that v6 will not come out today.
  13. JB, if we had a Like button I would click that a hundred times. It's awesome that we are giving this away as a prize. Whoever ends up scoring this is a lucky, lucky person. Best of luck to everyone that orders! :)
  14. Magic

    So we have to buy a titanium to enter?
  15. Just wanted to point out that there will be 6 "releases" tonight NOT 6 new decks like many of you are thinking. Theory11 has never to my knowledge released 6 decks at once and that would be overkill. They usually release 2 or 3 decks and 3 or 4 other items which is what this is. I think there will be 3 new decks released tonight only. I've heard they will be Titanium Tally Ho's, so i'm hoping they are releasing those instead of another version of Titanium Bikes. I think the White Lion could be the other release although they were also working on V2 Centurions, maybe that will be released tonight?
  16. I beg to differ...

  17. Technically speaking, two of the six decks tonight are the Bicycle Titanium Edition v2. ;) Currently sold out, with fundamental improvements in this second edition. The blue is two shades darker, more of a steel color, and we crafted the box of imported paper with embossed, metallic accents. Wait till you see it! With regard to the other decks, I'm not going to say what they are going to bee.
  18. very suddle with th bee. So there is going to bee a new bee deck coming out. im gunna bee one of the first people to buy the new bee deck comming out.
  19. this is like trying to sleep on christmas night >.>

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