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  1. With regards to the other decks, i believe they are going to be to new stingers... if you c in JB's post, he was ver "punny" in his response.

  2. I just have a question... Is it worth to pay two times more for Titaniums being able to buy Bikes for less than 2 bucks? I mean, is there a huge difference?
  3. Yes, the Titaniums have a different color and feel to them than the regular Bikes and have metallic ink, why wouldn't you want to get them, and at like $4.95 it isn't really all that expensive, trust me i've bought decks that cost a LOT more than that.
  4. Read the 3rd post before yours by j.bayme, he clearly stated 6 of the decks would have a Titanium Shine and it's pretty much confirmed 2 of them are Bicycle Titanium V2's and also pretty much confirmed at least one of the decks, probably 2, will be Bee's because of their not so subtle hints.
  5. 3 A.M. here in Spain... I won't sleep until I buy some cards... Can't wait for the new releases! I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight.
  6. dedacation!!!
  7. Well less than 2 hours to go!
  8. well watever they are I think/hope that they will be

    1. Titaniums v2 both crimson red and steel blue
    2. Titanium stingers crimson red and steel blue
    3. centuriuns v2
    4. s&m v6
    well those are my guesses/ wants but watever they will bee i will buy some.
  9. It's already been confirmed that s&m v6 is not being released tonight. I have heard there would be Titanium Tallies, so perhaps those are also coming out tonight although Ghost Tallies would be so much cooler! I also have a feeling the new White Lions will be released tonight or else the new Centurions, if not Centurions will come at a later date. Woohoo, only 1 hour to go!!
  10. Ok, here's my final (or that's what I think) guess:

    1. Titanium v2: Blue
    2. Titanium v2: Red
    3. Tally Ho Circle Back Titanium: Blue
    4. Tally Ho Circle Back Titanium: Red
    5. Tally Ho Fan Back Titanium: Blue
    6. Tally Ho fan Back Titanium: Red
    7. White Lions
  11. 45 minutes...
  12. That's what I think as well, and the White lions are the ones they are unsure of, I may be wrong. No.. I probably am, time will tell.

    Only time... (Enya)
  13. Bee titanium edition!!
  14. It will probably only be 1 set of Tallies as they have hinted they will be releasing some Bees, probably Titanium Stingers. Only question is, will the Tallies be Circle Back or Fan Back.
  15. Your right, they have Titanium Bees on the site now! They would be so much better as Stingers though!
  16. Something more than a hint... Look at the Playing Cards page!!
  17. Oh, it has disappeared...
  18. was it every there? Like andrew mayne's focal point?
  19. Well it was there anyway, now it's gone. Only half an hour left anyway.
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