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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magicjack, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,
    So theory11 is releasing 3 new decks this friday and I want to hear your predictions! :D
    Here are mine -
    1. Smoke and Mirrors v6
    2. White Lions - David Blaine
    3. A custom deck by theory11........... :)

    I can't wait to see what they have in store for us! :)

    - magicjack
  2. Oh wow!!! S&M's sound amazing (as usual), the T11 deck is bound to be good. I mean, it's T11!! but the one that's standing out like a sore thumb to me right now are the White Lions. Those sound absolutley amazing, and they probably will be! I can just imagine them right now. If everything meets my thoughts, i gonna be wishing i had more money to buy more decks. I'm wondering, where did you get this information?? Thanks for providing it to me anyway. :)
  3. I think it was J.Bayne (I know thats wrong but I can't remember his name) that said last week that thee will bee a new release so there's a clue for one. I wasn't aware all three releases were going to be decks of cards though, I don't know if you're making assumptions there.
  4. It might also be 2 decks with one of them in different colors like the Titanium bikes.
  5. I guessed for the white lions and S and M V6 but in the latest SNC Casey said the prize will be 3 decks of cards released this Friday on the house. I might be wrong on some of them , but there WILL be 3 NEW DECKS :D
  6. Bee? Blue Stingers, perhaps?

    And I thought I read somewhere about S&M v6 ...
  7. Missed it bud. It would be " And I thought I RED somewhere about S&M v6" if you were going for a pun.

    And Formula, it's J.BayMe. Just one letter off.
  8. Missed it bud. It would be " And I thought I RED somewhere about S&M v6" if you were going for a pun.

    Didn't miss a thing ... just changed it up on you and did it visually. Sorry if you couldn't deal with it. (FYI: "deal" - get this one?)
  9. so the new releases r coming out the 15th or the 22nd?
  10. I think one of them should be D2V1 by homer liwag ????
  11. bee stingers BLUE
    S&M V6 RED
    Propaganda v2
  12. It's this Friday, the 15th.
  13. 1. S&M v6
    2. Blue Stingers
    3. White Lions
  14. 1. S&M 1 color
    2. S&M 2nd Color
    3. Stingers
  15. What's all this talk about white Lions? I haven't heard any news on them.
  16. Here are the White Lion's magicmaster
  17. Yeah, that's what I'm hoping. :)
  18. Seems that there might be some stingers!
    I'm changing my guess to -
    1.S and M V6
    2. Theory11 deck
    3. A new colour of bee stingers
  19. I actually think there is just on version of the Smoke and Mirrors.

    Dan and Dave are running a contest right now and you can win a Uncut sheet of Smoke and Mirrors V6. They didn't said you'll get a uncut sheet of ONE version.
    I hope there'll be a black and a white version though.

    And 100% a bee deck. They posted on facebook and twitter that me might bEE surprised ;)
  20. Can any one prove S&M V6 will be release this Friday?

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