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  1. I'm trying to find some coin magic that is along the lines of manipulation and flourishes. And can be done for a seated audience on all sides(though only to one or two sides at a time) the magic must be completely nonverbal and visual.
  2. Can you clarify this?
  3. I will be surrounded on four sides but will mostly be facing diagonally. I will be moving around quite a bit.
  4. like a surrounded stage setting? If so i'm not sure that's possible, generally manipulation is pretty angle sensitive. you could body block some of it but then people behind you don't get a show.
  5. Well I'm moving around a lot and the coins aren't the primary focus.im basically just supposed to make them appear, disappear, and change.
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    Bobo's Modern Coin Magic is full of great stuff for what you need. Grab a $4 used copy off amazon.

    Many many vanishes can be done surrounded. Even French drop could be with some practice. Bobo's teaches how to throw and catch a stack of coins and vanish 4 quarters at once without making a sound. Great stuff.
  7. Hello Ziggy! I'm not sure if this what your looking for but the muscle pass would be very flashy and cool. I hope this helps somewhat and have a good day!
  8. I'm actually learning the pass but I don't think I have enough time to do it strongly enough. But thanks anyway.
  9. I'll try that, thanks.
  10. How much time do you have? you could entertain with flourishes. coin roll, roll down (both hands looks nice), three coins off the back of the hand, stacking coins on the elbow, but these are difficult things to just learn for an upcoming show. And generally coin magic has some angle issues (especially parlor).

    why do you need to this exact show at an exact time?

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