"5"- Marcus Eddie - trick?

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  1. So after watching the Reveal video for "5" I thought I should look up some of Marcus's material..and then I stumpled upon this.
    Its him performing some amazing magic, but at the end of the video he performs a trick involving a rubberband and a dollar bill. Kinda reminded me of some fast shots in some of the teasers for "5", you see a glimpse of this trick in a preview Im pretty sure. Take a look yourself. Cheers.
  2. That was enjoyable! His handling of a jumbo coin is amazing.
  3. Hey nice find. Thanks for sharing.

    Very nice coin work.
    That rubber band trick is on (although I'm sure in many other places too) Gregory Wilson's On the Spot DVD. Although I've never seen someone go back up. That was pretty cool.

    I enjoy his performance style.
  4. Wow, that was fantastic! Thanks for the good watch, and now I feel even more like poo because I missed going to TAOM and will be missing out again this year.
  5. THat was nice,

  6. Marcus is a great magician, and very approachable! I have seen him throughout the past year or two on several occasions. If you ever stop by on Labor Day weekend in Austin this year, check him out as well as the rest of us Texas magicians.
  7. That was an incredible performer.
  8. Thanks for the nice comments! The rubber band effect in the youtube clip is my old version of Dan Harlan's "Traveling Cash". The rubber band effect on the DVD "FIVE" is my new, super-crazy, off the wall version. I'll have more videos up soon!
  9. Hey Marcus,
    I would like to know is all effects on your new DVD completely impromptu? Does it needs any gimmicks?
  10. I am sitting here with Marcus right now. Well, I'm sitting. Marcus insists on riding his unicycle while wearing a werewolf costume and humming show tunes from a bygone era. Thank god I have bananas.

    Anyway, Marcus says all of his tricks on 5 can be performed impromptu.

    Where did I put those jumper cables?
  11. its not on "on the spot" its on "off the cuff" and greg only teaches that first phase.

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