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  1. Hey all,

    For the last few months, I have been practicing one of my favorite effects (and the one that really got me into magic) : 5 Speed. After this practice, I finally felt that I was able to perform it. I did it for my dad and a good friend of mine. Basically, I used a similar patter to that of what Chris uses in the 1-on-1. My question is this: at the beginning where you have them shuffle the deck and then get out the Ace through five of spades, what do you say? Personally, I feel it super boring to just say "Wouldn't it be cool if I could find your card? Well I can't, so I'll do another trick." Do you have some patter that you use that you like?

    I have been using Chris's patter but feel it confuses the spectator. I was hoping to get some ideas and then make hybrid patter that works for me. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

  2. Well I have no idea if this will fit your style of performance, but here's something anyway. Just from the top of my head; miscall the card.

    "Was the card you selected the ace of spades!?"
    "No, no, don't lie to me, the ace of spades!"
    "It wasn't my card."
    "Oh... Umm... Ok, let's do something else. Check this out I have..."

    And so on. Downplay it, just like you would do when you really mess up a trick. The comeback will be strong if they just a moment ago thought you really did fail the first time.

    Please don't try to act like you messed up, it will not be convincing. We are magicians, not actors. Less is more here.
  3. Your last bit answered my original response. I was having some thought of getting the spectator to feel sorry for you by messing up the trick (supposely). But your advice is against that.

    I guess you could downplay it and move on like nothing happend.
  4. I don't think that the patter will confuse anyone as long as you show them what you're doing with the deck.
  5. Maybe not. But I feel patter should be different than the original creator, unless it works for you. So I wanted to hear some patter ideas and see if they worked for me. Any ideas? What do you do CardSharp?
  6. I use patter dealing with the history of magic
    Phase 1-- Talk about the ambitous card as you do the two rises
    Phase 2-- Talk about the 3 card monte and its hisory
    Phase 3-- Talk about multiplying and changing objects
    Phase 4-- Talk about how a magician does a 3 card monte and BOOM their card is now there
  7. That's a great patter!
  8. Im assuming you mean 9sp. der with a 7/8 speed shifter and cassette combo?
  9. We are both.We're supposed to be. Some arent just good enough actors at it.

    If you know you can pull off that you "messed up the trick" do it.
    Thats Chris kenners line anyways in the original script. Just slightly more comical and not emphasizing on the "messing up" line.
    Im just gonna assume your yourself when performing like most people. So instead of thinking in a scripted format. Think what YOU specifically would say.
    I for one think the basis for the original script is perfect for the effect. It would seem way too much of a stretch to want to turn it into something that is completely your control. The effect seems it was made for speaking those lines.


    Say "Im a magician ok. Not a cardsharp. If a card gets shuffled in like this I honestly cant find it. And its not that interesting in the first place. Magicians dont thrive on technical prowess. But on illusion. None of this...(as you pull the cards out you'll use and begin the effect)..is real. Magic distorts reality..(effect still going on)..the only truth is....this is your card."

    I would never use this patter except the line of "...distorts reality" and "magicians dont thrive on technical prowess".
    But if it works for you then go ahead.
  10. You can always ditch the selection and use a card with other meaning ( like simply a red five, like other versions of the plot, like the original ).
  11. True. Like the joker in TOOC. Well I love the ending because its unexpected. I just don't feel the patter is the best. When I perform it, I guess I'm not the best as convincing the spectator that I can't find their card so I will move on. They usually starting laughing and saying ok with a bit of awkwardness. I could go the honest route as visualartist said above. I will try that out and let you know how it goes.

    If anyone wants to chime in, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

  12. OK as you can tell by the name I am a big fan of this affect. After they shuffle I will say something like..."Wouldn't it amaze you if I could find your card? Well, I would be because I have no idea how to do that." ( while saying this I look through the cards to locate all Spades needed for the rest of the affect. If by chance they did pick one of them I tell them what there card was and say..."Now wasn't that amazing?" Would not say under lined part above if this happened. I try timing the looking for spades and asking if it would be amazing if I found there card. Just in case they did pick a needed spade. Then you could do it again and then tell them that it must have been a very lucky guess the first time and go in to the rest of the affect.

    Hope this helps you. FYI... I've only had one person pick the three of spades. And with one group, two people just happen to pick the same card for end affect. So, I kindly did it one more time leaving out that card. They were relatives so I felt it was OK to do it that many times.

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