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  1. Hello guys and thank you for having me here. After looking for a while, i'm unable to find a Svengali deck that uses images instead of the traditional poker cards. And I mean images such as animals, cars, flowers or anything in between. Any ideas where i might find one?
    Thank you again!
  2. I haven't seen one. Most likely, you will have to make your own.

    The least expensive way is to use cardstock and your computer printer. Check your printer for how thick cardstock it can handle. You should be able to align the printing so that you can print on both sides. Make sure you don't have narrow borders so any off center printing or cutting isn't apparent. If you do that, I'd recommend using a paper trimmer and corner rounder:


    You can check museum or zoo websites and see if they sell postcards (a lot are closed now, so you can't access their shops) but probably the best bet is to go somewhere in person. Also, there are a lot of websites (e.g. Zazzle) where you can buy individual postcards and you can get a bunch of them to construct your own deck. When buying postcards, make sure the backs are all the same (you can customize on websites like Zazzle). Again, you would need a paper trimmer. Expect to pay around $1 a card -- a 30 card deck would be $30. The benefit to this is that it looks less contrived and you can use where you got the postcards as part of your presentation.

    There are some "memory" card games (where you have to match two cards) to there, but you would need around 8 decks of the to make a 30 card deck. That is a bit expensive. You would need the trimmer and rounder.

    There are companies out there that make "custom game cards" where you can design the front and back of the cards. This is probably your least expensive / best quality option. You still will need trimmer and rounder.
  3. You might be interested in getting a set of "Svenlopes" by Sven Lee and then drawing/writing your own choices. It wouldn't even present like a card trick at all.
  4. Check out the networker deck. It's not exactly pictures but from my understanding its as a svengali deck with business cards.
  5. Thank you all for your great ideas!
    I'll most likely go with both the svenlopes and create my own set of cards.
  6. Dollar stores usually have these, horses and puppies and such.

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