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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by john carey, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Thought I would post this 3 phase sequence that I worked out the other day.

    It contains nothing earth shattering in concept but I believe it is a nice application of known principles.

    Have a deck shuffled and upon return begin spreading through the cards and have one touched.

    Seperate deck at touched card and then show this card to spectator and as you lower spread execute the convincing control to apparently outjog selection.

    As you come over to square up deck push outjogged card in and execute the gamblers square up glimpse of the bottom selcted card-exp card tech

    Glimpse selection say 10 of hearts and put deck away in the box and give to spectator to hold between their palms.

    Now go into a spiel about being able to tell when a spectator is lying or telling the truth just by subtle differences in the voice etc.

    Gradually divine the card step by step, first color then suit and value simply by asking related questions and getting spectator to answer etc.

    End of phase 1.

    Remove deck from box and say that you would like to try something even harder.

    Force the same 10 hearts on the spectator and place it sight unseen on their hand.

    Get deck shuffled by someone else as you talk about mnemonics and the power of a good memory.

    Say that you will attempt to memorize 51 cards thus leading you hopefully Smile
    to their selection.

    In reality you go through the deck and go fish for the mates of the 10 of hearts which you cull under the spread.

    Before squaring the deck catch a left pinky wedge break under the 3 culled 10s.

    Say to the audience after a bit of well acted concentration that you believe something uncanny has occured.

    Tell them you believe the 1 card missing from the deck is none other than the 10 of hearts-what a coinkidinky Smile

    Ask them to turn over card in their hand to reveal that this is so.
    As they do this use the second half of the mechanical reverse to reverse the 3 10s.

    End of phase 2

    To finish, begin a face up hindu shuffle and get them to say stop.

    Have the 10 hearts returned face down to the face up deck and then plop the rest of deck on top.

    Pause as you build up what has taken place thus far and then execute a nice face down ribbon spread to reveal the 4 tens face up in the middle.

    Nice weekend everyone

    John _________________
    j carey
  2. sweet nice effect thanks
  3. Nice three phase routine there

    Thanks for sharing
  4. thats a pretty kool routine....i like it

    thx :D
  5. Might be a tad advanced for some of the people around here but, I think it is great.
  6. Great job John, I'm looking forward to more stuff from you.
  7. Thanks for sharing this, John. I'm really liking the tricks/routines/material you've been posting lately.
  8. Pretty cool man, i might just use that you know.
  9. Thanks

    Thanks for the nice feedback guys.

    Will post up some more stuff soon.



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