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A more fun version of Catch that Tiger

Oct 13, 2008
Not to willingly bash anyone here, but...

I saw this one trick by Shigeo Futagawa and Meir Yedid called Catch that Tiger which I thought was cute, but for the situation we have now could be, well, more pop culture-oriented. Here's the YouTube preview:

Now, long before seeing this done live, I was playing this game on the internet:

Then I saw the trick, and a bright idea then came as a result of me putting two and two together. In the preview for the Catch that Tiger trick, the little cub suddenly appears on the blank cards, then it disappears, leaving only a pawprint. The next card shows a path of footprints that lead to the final card, the original tiger cub card. So then I thought the following:

  1. We show all the blank cards, but then one of them shows Tiger in his SUV... with some other woman (The first production)
  2. After being "caught", he drives off, leaving only skid marks where he once was (Showing the first card has changed)
  3. Then we find out why he drove off: an angry Elin is chasing him with a golf club! (on the middle card)
  4. And finally, we see Tiger trying to escape her. Now, will he make it? (Final reveal)
So that's my variation. Maybe this might be too immature for the forums, maybe not; it seemed to make sense when I first thought about the idea. Two questions, though:

  1. What patter would you use to do this effect?
  2. Can someone tell me how to get only a packet of three cards custom printed?
The images I'd expect to be just like the ones shown in the game I linked above, which in my opinion only make it funnier. Oh well. What do you think?
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