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A Peculiar Request: Web Designers

I'm not sure if this post violates any forum rules, so I apologize if I'm stepping on any toes. It does subtly pertain to magic though. Does anyone know of any reputable, talented web designers? I'm looking to build my own promotional website. My last hook-up kind of fell through, but I'm still very much interested in the prospect. I already have most of the content and photos readily available and I'm working on filming some media for it as well. I just need someone to bring the ideas to fruition.

Is anyone here talented or credible in web design and site building? Or does anyone have a recommendation to a reputable professional-grade company who can build a site at a reasonable price? Any help would be much appreciated.


Sep 1, 2007
Belgrade, Serbia
Hey man

My brothers girlfriend is a professional web designer, she does that for a living, and she is very good. PM me with the details.

Hey Everyone,

FYI, this request still stands. I'm really interested in developing a promotional website for my personal work and tentative entertainment firm. Currently, I'm in the process of replying to those who generously got in touch with me earlier. I just need to see if they can provide the look and feel of what I'm striving for in a website. If anyone here is experienced in web design or knows of an affordable designer, please get in touch with me. Thanks so much.

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