A problem for magic in the future?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fridoliina, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone!

    Yesterday i was at a party where a magician was hired to performe and he was quit good and seemed like a nice guy, and everyting went on fine for him until... A guy in the audience took upp his new Iphone and started to search for the secrets behind his tricks and find almost everyone of them with a simple search and started to heckle him and he had to almost give upp because everyone went, oh thats easy, how lame all the time.

    I know allot of people are saying that laymen dont go home and research how our tricks are done, even myself. But in the future every cellphone will have instant internet conection with google and youtube and everything. Will it be a problem if everyone has instant internet acces everywhere in the world? Since exposure is growing all the time.

    IM not saying it is, just a question and a thought.
  2. will it be a problem?

    i understand where you are coming from thinking that it will be a problem in the future as technology increases. however you also have to think on the other side of things... magic technology has also increased alot! there have been soo many advances a few examples being m5, the spider reel, electric touch. Magic will live on because as laymen technology advances as does the magics community :p

  3. yep yep, that's very true. however it's beginning to move far away from pure sleight of hand and for those magicians who don't want to get into gimmicked magic or just magic that requires a prop of some kind, it's a sad compromise.

    in answer to the issue at hand, yes internet capabilities will become more and more abundant but that's not what determines whether someone will use it. i've noticed a lot of laziness in the younger generations these days and it's these people that will be using the technology more (generally speaking) and they often can't be bothered doing it. i've asked people to just google something before and they say "nah. cbf".

    you'll probably find that the majority of people will actually enjoy being entertained rather than ruining it for themselves and others; that particular magician was just very unlucky that he got a crowd of people who don't mind it being ruined.

    at least that's how i see it.
  4. To be honest - i have NO idea how he found even part of, never mind almost every one of his effects, on the search engine. Unless he was using every single generic trick in the book, or was silly enough to tell them the name of the effect (and they were all common effects...)... I just don't get it. This will never be an issue with me, as I mentioned sometime before, try finding me a tutorial for the trick I Know Kung Fu.

    I don't really see it as an issue...
  5. last time i got heckled i swore to myself only to do magic for those who WANT to see magic.

    dont make them waste your time and dont waste theirs.

    so if people WANT to see magic, they wont google your tricks, like someone said before.

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