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  1. I am 49 yr. old male. Iused to mess around with magic as a kid and had a decent little routine, even for adults. That was the 1970s.

    Anyway....I want to get back into magic but need guidance. I don't want to buy tricks willy-nilly only to find out one after the other sucks !

    So, I seek guidance, someone to trade emails or chats with that can guide me to real, good type of tricks, up close, that will fool adults, not just kids. I'll stop for now, but will go into further detail as to what I'm looking for if someone chooses to take me under their wing, give solid advice, no bull etc. and so on.

    I am located in southeastern Indiana, about 45 miles from Cincinnati, OH.
    Yes, I understand fully... "A good magician NEVER reveals the secret."

    Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant,
    I am...
  2. Do you have a preference as far as cards, coins, etc.? Or are you looking for gimmicks?
    There are many skilled and helpful practitioners on this forum. Ask as many questions as you want, you'll get many answers.

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  3. Thanks Mr. Book and YES I do have preferences. I don't want to bore people on here as I am the type to ask 1000 questions. Nor do I want to risk being thought of as an a$$hole b/c I might violate some code when asking a question b/c I'm a newbie and didn't know better. Thus, I'd like to personally correspond with people via pvt. chat, email, phone calls, Facebook messages etc. I'll surely hack someone off if I ask a question in the wrong way....I'm good at that.
  4. In addition, I want to learn up close, adult tricks that I can perform at my local area small street festivals, my small town bars when have a beer with friends etc. Not really interested in cards as EVERYONE knows "those are trick cards." I seek the type of tricks with seemingly everyday objects that people can examine at least b4 if not b4 and after the trick. I find the Oreo cookie tricks interesting and have already ordered Cookie Bite and exposed a flaw in another cookie trick that was "supposed to" work on You Tube. If there's a flaw, I WILL find it. If I can find it, so can my audience. Nothing worse than NOT fooling someone and they shout out "He did XYZ and then hid the ____ in his pocket." Busted. You're done.

    Gimmicked objects....sure ! Sleight of hand tricks ? No so much...takes too much practice and I learned long ago that if a sharp person watches your hands at all times and CAN'T/WON'T BE misdirected, well, you're busted once again. So, based on that.... I'm ready to learn.
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  5. I tend to be more of a slight of hand guy, myself, but I'll occasionally use a gimmick. Please feel free to send me a private message any time you have a question, if I don't know the answer I will certainly help you find it.

  6. UH... I don't even know how to send PMs on here. I click on your pro...but see no pm thingy. Told you I was a newbie.

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