A "True Astonishment" Up For Grabs

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Should I hold this event?

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    Alright guys,

    After much debating and thinking, I have come to a conclusion that I owe something to the magic community. For all of Theory11's artists hard work and dedication, I am going to give you guys, the Theory11 community, a chance to win Paul Harris' True Astonishment collection. This set will include all of the DVD's and all of the gimmicks (4 of the DVD's have been watched, but are still in great condition.)

    I need a count, a count that decides whether or not I will be holding this event, so please, if you think you will participate, please reply within this thread saying if this is a good idea or not.

    Thank you and I hope to soon be giving away a "True Astonishment."

  2. There's no downside besides you losing out on your TA. Why cant you be a greedy bastard and just keep it?

    (Though giving it away is such a good deed though.)
  3. lol, yea I agree with sinful, the only reason i'd see not to do this is because ur losing ur big box o magic.

    But yea, I'm sure the magic gods would give you some good magic karma if u went through with it. And none of us wold really complain if u did either :p
  4. And how do you plan to get this set to the winner?
  5. I think that's an awesome idea, but giving away $300 in times like this?! Isn't that a bit much? I think something that you could do instead is film a tutorial or something like your own personal effect. I love that you are very generous and I think it would be awesome if you could give it away though!

    Much respect,

  6. It's a bit much, I agree. I wouldn't mind it though. :p
  7. I'm excited, is there some sort of contest?
  8. It's up to you. If you want to give it away, it's your choice.
  9. Yeah, same thoughts here.

  10. it would be amazing for you to give this set away as a rpize, especially since alot of us cannot afford this
  11. Of course I'm interested!
  12. As long as you don't mind giving away your own TA I wouldn't turn down this offer!
  13. I'm in if it's a raffle or something. I won't be in it if it's some video competition though.
  14. Too Legit...

    Assuming this thing is legit, and that the competition isn't naming my first child after you, I'd be in.
  15. Seconded....
  16. Awesome idea ;)
  17. No complaints here, heh. :)
  18. sure man! as long as you are willing to give up TA!
  19. $20

    and the name of one of my future children... dependent on what your name is.


    I'm in, but not sure if I can do much involving a camera, seeing as how I'm lacking in that department at the moment.

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