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  1. One move i can believe i haven't seen listed...your One card pop out move Aaron. I have seen people do it before, a lot of which, did it badly. I understand the mechanics to it, but i have never been able to do it properly, or to a standard to which i am happy.
  2. YES!! This is one thing that I cannot request enough! I, too, understand the mechanics of your Pop-Over move, but I can't do it with any speed or consistency (half the time I drop the pop-out card or the bottom packet). The only place I've been able to see it properly done on video (not read about it, because it's taught in The Paper Engine) is in the Cards Across explanation in the Trilogy, but Dan/Dave actually say during the explanation that "this will be a brief explanation", and proceed to run through the move once. I really could not learn the move when it was covered so briefly, even after rewinding about one million times :( I think a 1on1 on this relatively unknown and underground move would be a great asset.

    This is a REALLY great move that I think could be put to great use in my regular work if I could get it down - with your help, hopefully!

    Again, thank you for reading,

  3. Whats this 'clipshift' ive heard some mention :confused:
  4. New utliities

    4 for 4 was a great example.

    IMROMPTU card/coin MIRACLES (schwing and 3 fry are a good example)

    New Impromptu miracles without cards and coins would be even better.

    Impromptu is the word here, most magicians put off tricks because they need some kind of a long setup.

    Ace productions (I'm pretty sure Lee Asher has one on the way since I saw one in the last theory 11 video that looked like it was in a tutorial) There is nothing like a ace production to look like a card/sleight of hand/gambling artist.

    I know plenty of card controls, culling-passes-lateral palm etc etc., so I've got a handle on those (thanks lennart green)

    I don't think we need color changes. There are so many color changes out already, from Daryl's dvds to a ton of other places I don't think there are much ways a card can go anymore.

    New insane flourishes that control a card would be nice though.
  5. I'd like to see a vid on misdirection. Also one on a creative approach to creating effects. The pass would be nice. I'd love to see a vid on the muscle pass. I hear thats a very essential coin slieght
  6. I also think that the Pirouette spin (card spin) would be a great 1on1. It's a move that a lot of beginners have a LOT of trouble with, and I would certainly buy it (and I consider my card spin pretty good) - I'm sure you guys have some great tips and hints for practicing the spin and perfecting it and things like that.

    Anyone can teach sleights and tricks, but what makes the 1on1 great is the tips and advice you guys give. We know that they're coming with people with YEARS (even decades) of experience and whose advice can be trusted without a doubt. People who are considered experts in their craft giving us practical, real-world advice? That's something not all magic sites can offer. Keep up the great work, guys.
  7. I believe The Pass will more than likely show up eventually on this list.

    There are many variations on the pass, but a video that can focus on the best time tested methods to make it invisible would be a great asset.

    It would also be nice to see some Powerful tricks that are effective. Not like the Tricks section of the site. Just tricks that can be found in books or other DVD's, but explain just that trick. I may not want to purchase an entire book to learn Jumping Gemini correctly.
  8. The sidesteal... just any subtleties anyone has picked up... that's if anyone uses it. That and Kenners Shadow Coins... :p

    A workshop on scipting would be great, and a performance montage of all the team would be fantastic.

  9. ROUTINES!! Totally forgot to say that, not just one trick things. With phases!
  10. I agree again! That's a very good point. Short routines to inspire creativity amongst beginners and amaze audiences will really bring about a revolution with the 1on1 section.
  11. Thoughts on One on One and Double Lifts

    Hey Guys -

    We've been working very hard to address your concerns, and use the format to help you gain not only the techniques you desire, but to help you make the most out of the magic you already have.

    One piece we shot last week seems likely to fill a big hole you've mentioned here. We shot a piece on the Double Turnover. Rather than build the lesson to teach forty methods (most of which i couldn't really recommend in good faith), I taught the most elegant methods i know for performing real magic for living people.

    To help you get the most out of the lesson, we spent a good deal of time teaching the timing, misdirection and theory you'll need to make sure you never again get busted performing one of magic's most challenging, misunderstood techniques.

    Of course, we're all new to this experiment. It's your feedback we'll need to make sure the lessons are as useful as we want them to be. That's a real reason we're not kidding when we say we're all creating T11 together. It's not just about releasing products - we're really working to teach material you need in a way that will help you get results.

    On a side note, it's refreshing that so many of you seem to have discovered that learning more methods and effects will only take you so far. To become a monster, you need to put it all together - you'll need presentation, timing and showmanship. You'll only get those things if you throw yourself onto the line and get a job performing magic for the public. If this interests you, you'll want to check out my new article.

    One on One is just beginning. With time we'll discover together all the wonderful things it can do. Thanks for participating - without your input, we simply won't be able to design the material you really need.


  12. I feel the 1 on 1 session should include a lesson on card culling. Culling is a powerful tool that not many close up performers utilize. I would also like to see a lesson on the curry turnover.
  13. I agree I fool a lot of people with culling, even my magician friend just lost it when I culled the card and produced it from underneath something. Also Aaron, thanks for reading all of our posts and taking our ideas into consideration, it really makes me want to come back more and more everyday. The Big thing I would like to watch would be a 1 on 1 about starting your performances on the street. So that would be the walk up, greeting, and maybe a good starter trick or 2, and maybe attire which is suitable, not wearing Black Sabbath T-Shirt with old ragged jeans may not be the best look etc. That's some of the things I would love to find out about from people who've done it numerous times and KNOWS what works and doesn't.

    BTW great job on the Panic dvd, it's ingenious and one of my favourite effects now.

  14. I would love to see almost anything that you guys want to film! ;) More specifically:

    Coin work (3Fry was a great video)
    Basics broken down so they're impossible not to learn
    Older and not as well known sleights from some of the all time greats of magic (Vernon, Scarne, Etc.)

    The site looks great! Keep up the great work!

    ~The Asian
  15. gravity half pass is a move from paperengine, his book.
  16. The Gravity Half-Pass would be a great 1on1, too (if you can't tell, I'm like Aaron Fisher's biggest fan :p).

    And I'm really looking forward to the release of the Double Lift 1on1, Aaron! Sounds like just what I was suggesting! Can't wait to see what else you guys shot over there!!

  17. card to wallet, palming and tanghi

    card to wallet, palming and tanghi moves:)
  18. It is apparent that many people have been learning the basic slights from places like youtube, so I think it seems needed to have a section with many videos that describe each of the necessities in great detail for beginners...
    a video on the various double lifts, one for various passes, one for forces, color changes, card controls, fake shuffles and cuts, and so on. If you don't have at least one or two of EACH of these moves that you use on a daily basis, then you should spend some time developing these before you move forward.

    I personally want to see more tricks created by the Amazing 11, but I think categorizing the different sections would be a great idea.
    1-on-1 Performance seems to be the next most needed section (videos on presentation, misdirection, crowd control, patter, and other performance related issues)
    1-on-1 Card Tricks/Flourishes of course, this one gets my vote (individually sold tricks)
    1-on-1 Coin/Money Tricks
    1-on-1 Coin handling basics and slights (we should try not to focus on just cards)

    ... utilizing gaffed cards (whenever you release a deck), I love to throw gaffed cards into a performance, people love it.
    ... ACR videos seem played out but a video with new and different techniques to incorporate into a routine would be interesting.

    Man, my mind is going crazy. It must be fun (but difficult) to create a web site.
  19. I agree i am always rubbish at misdirection and patter. That would be cool.
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    I'd like to see some NEW ideas, or at least things that were original at one time, and may have been published; not "Theory 11 guy spoon feeds kids things that are already in print because they're too lazy to read and practice".

    All of the things you mentioned, the "basics", and "essentials" for being a good card man are already there for the serious student, and in most cases HAVE been for quite some time. They don't need to be re-covered. You preach that the only way you can become a great is to go out and do it, and learn from your experience. You of all people should know that you can't sell "it" in a bunch of little $5 instant downloads.

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