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  • Hey, just wanted to drop by. Your presentation towards magic is unique. It's more humorous than others. I also am going to be opening the Paper Engine on Friday...well, tomorrow. Thanks.
    Hey Aaron, i recently got paper engine and i gotta say, its awesome. So much valuable stuff in there that I would definitely add to my routine sometime in the future. Thanks again Aaron.

    hey arron loved the new dvd also do u planb on coming up to michigan agon soon i know u were just at the ABC magic weekend that i was going to go to but i got sick and couldnt go anyways hope to talk to u soon
    Hello,Aaron, what's up?! I just wanna say Hello to you,and tell you ,you have great ideas.I got great ideas to,but I just don't want to practice them,or I can't.
    hey aaron it was really fun, interesting and very helpful hanging out with you up at Sorcerers Safari. It was insane. Im looking forward to going back next year and seeing you there! Thanks for all the help.
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