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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by JPedrosa, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. I have a question for Lee Asher and for those of you that know how the Losing Control is acomplished.

    Which variation do you use most often: The basic handling of the Losing Control or the Allan Ackermans´variation ( the one with the upjog) ??

    Which is the most deceptive variation?

    Any thought on this?

  2. well finally i found someone that has this DVD.....congrats man....this move is awesome

    i use the Allan Ackermans´variation. I think IT IS the most deceptive.


  3. Very nice control fools tons of people. Allan Ackermans´variation is what I use.
  4. I don't have it and haven't seen it before. Do you have a video of what it looks like? (not a tutorial)
  5. Chris Hestnes uses it in his video shotgun (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfxTQWMclLU) its right after hes shows the 5 of diamonds
  6. HOLY ****! That control was amazing! Will this appear as a 1-on-1? (hint hint to any T11 crew member)
  7. I think that theory11 will not make a 1-on-1 about the Losing Control because you can buy it as a dvd from Lee Asher´s site (www.leeasher.com) and personaly I think it´s worth the money.

    Back on topic, anyone want to share some more thoughts about the Losing Control?

  8. I have to disagree. The Losing Control is something that should definitely be made into a 1 on 1. It's the type of sleight that can be explained fairly quickly, so it could be made into a short video.

    In my opinion, using either method depends on what situation you are in. If I want to quickly get through the control and make it not too obvious, I use the original method. If I want to take a bit longer and make sure everybody knows where the card is, I use the variation.

    Either method works for me, and they are both ingenious.

  9. You guys are killing me! I don't know how it is done! I don't have money to buy it either.
  10. can someone post another video of this? PLease? Thanks.
  11. I hope NO ONE posts a video demonstrating it, its the kind of thing that can be easily figured out by watching a video over and over.

    I LOVE this control.
  12. It's my favourite control of all time, so simple yet so deceptive.
    I use the basic version, but I leave a small space between the packets, so they can clearly see the card but Its not out-jogged.
    I usually use this control in conjunction with Clipshift, a great little effect when someone wants to see a quick trick.
  13. Personally, i liked pulp friction better. But the losing control is still in my top 5 controls

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