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  1. black magic

    There are several notable Black Magicians. This list includes names like:

    Henry "Box" Brown
    Frank Brents
    Earl "Presto" Johnson
    Chris Capehart
    Kendrick "Ice" Mcdonald
    Victor and Diamond
    Phelston Jones
    Joshua Messado
    Ran'D Shine
    Kevin Betha
    Andy Roberts
    David Boyd
    Eric and Dwight Redman
    Charles Green III
    Michael Vincent

    and several others......

    Several of the named magicians have taken the stage at an event called The Heart and Soul of Magic, Produced by Ran'D Shine, featuring an all Black Magician Cast every February for Black History Month. Black magicians may seem hard to come by, but there are plenty of us hanging around.

    It's funny that the majority this conversation has been about how race isn't a factor, and how color doesn't matter. I'm living proof that it is and does. NO matter how often we try not to make judgements based on age, sex, color or religion, the simple fact is that we ALL do. NO matter how good the person. It's alot better not to ignore the fact that our prejudices are just as strong as our convictions. The key is to work towards harmony dispite our differences and celebrate our "melting pot" of humanity. Trying to mask and ignore our differences only perpetuates ignorance.
  2. Here's a very important question no one has asked yet.

    Do black magicians magic?

    OOOooooOOOOooooh! Spooky.

    But on a serious note,
    this was a really cool thread.
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    How in the world did I forget Chris Capehart? Great magician.

  4. Welcome to the Forums Black Magi. As you've figured out already.....sometimes people on forums over analyse everything that you you gotta watch out for that. You'll see it with everything right down to the spelling or correction of a missed comma......Yet dem peeps wann type lik dis too and still correct you. Like someone thats reading this now is wondering why i left out that apostrophe in "that's", didn't use a capital "I" over there, and used an "s" instead of a "z" in Analyze ^^......but welcome to the forums anyway. Later.
  5. Its not about that.

    English is not the first language for many people on here so in order for everyone to understand the conversation they try to keep bad grammar and internet slang down to a minimum so no one misses out on information that could be helpful to them because someone was to lazy to use spell-check.

    I've never heard of The Heart and Soul of Magic but the lineup on the site looks incredible. Hiawatha alone is worth the price of the ticket, not to mention all the others Eric included. Next year I'm taking the drive from NC. Cliff, I'll pick you up at 1000.
  6. Haha right on! That'd be an terrific show.

  7. Yea, I see that. The only thing I wanted to know if there were other black magi's on here besides me and did anyone know of any more. The only thing people had to do was say yes or no, but these guys took it to another level talking about race. It's amazing how people can take something so simple and turn it into something totally different, this type of stuff makes me not want to post any more on here. You guys need to get real.

  8. Eric,there is a friend of mind from L.A.Called him self Damon(Dale Penn)has been in magic for 35 ,40 years,excellent performer,both stage and close up!I learned alot from him growing up!
  9. The book to which I was referring is called "Conjure Times - a history of black magicians in America." You can probably get it from
  10. I'm not entirely sure to whom this post refers, but I'll defend myself anyway.

    You asked about black magicians. Someone posted that it shouldn't matter. I defended that it should. When you are posting about black magicians, you ARE talking about race.

    I think talking about our community in this manner, IS "getting real."
  11. lol....haha...good one....
  12. i remember seeing 'Ice' at magi-fest, was a cool show

    i'm half african american and half chinese~ ohohoho
  13. To answer the initial question. I am black and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I am constantly surfing the T11 threads and new magic so if you want to hit me up, feel free. I asked this same question on a thread a while ago because I was wondering the same thing.

    Also, since you opened this thread I know the thought came across your mind, "Am I the only one?", but your not. There are a lot more of us than you think. Maybe not in your area, but across the United States, there definitely are a lot of black magicians.
  14. Thanks

  15. um i guess i would be i mean im like only 1/4 "african american" but i am also 1/4 cuban and 1/2 panamanian (panama) so i think im latino but by default im black i guess
  16. :p ...okay
  17. Hahahahahah...ok man welcome I guess.
  18. If it counts im mixed.....with four things and one of them being african american.
  19. Marcus Eddie won the Austin Assembly 206 magic contest last night, taking home $1,000 in cash in prizes. He is an African-american magician here in Austin. His work has been featured by Danny Garcia, and I predict you will be hearing more about him very soon.

    Brad Henderson
  20. I have noticed that their are very few African American magicians. I don't understand why. I can see why their could be few female magicians, it's not a hobby that most women find interesting to do. I don't see what it is about magicians not being African American. Just an odd thing I guess.

    Well, I'm going to the GAP.

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