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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lkl, May 8, 2009.

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  1. Ahhh so this thread shows all the morons that Lee gets to dupe.

    So sad. So very sad. <shakes head>
  2. Can't blame em, but it cracks me up they don't consider the kind of raw unadulterated profit that Lee will have made from this. If he's anything like some of the guys I know he'll have clocked these on mass for about 30 bucks a deck and be shipping them to these fools for 150 and they'll be believing they got the steal of the century, lol.
  3. has anyone brought other stuff from lee previouly? what was the paying process like?
  4. kidding...that's exactly what they're going to think. But can't blame Lee, he's doing what he's suppose to.

    And this whole thing about the site not being's just more hype to get people to his site. He's just picking and choosing who gets the decks. Think about what he's done....

    1) He ramped up the "annoucement" months before he was actually going to sell it to get the hype even more.

    2) He held back information and made these fools beg him for information.

    3) He held a game online to get more people to his site.

    4) He promised giveaways and cheap prices...but didn't say how much till the very last moment.

    5) There's the countdown leading up to it.

    It's like a movie's brilliant. But they're for....a box of plastic crappy cards...LOL! And look at these "magicians" clammering for them like fat women attacking a pizza at a Weight Watchers convention.

    I'm telling you, if you studied what Lee did with this "rare release", you can really learn a lot about hiking up suspense, creating mystery, and building value. If we could all invoke this into our performances we would all be so much better.

    Bravo Lee.
  5. No matter how stupid you think it is, those cards are priced around 200 bucks in eBay and there's plenty of people who are willing to pay that price. Concidering that, getting a deck for 50 bucks is a very good deal.
  6. Stop bandying about 50 bucks!!!! 5 decks at 50 bucks, out of thousands of orders and out of the 77 decks in this 'limited release'. Most will get them for 150, and the people on E-bay are relying on exactly the same sucker mentaltiy. These cards are only rare if you don't know people that collect cards, or where you can get them at a reasonable price.

    Trust me, Lee will have paid less than 30% of what these are going for, so its not a good deal at all.

    Whatever, lol. There's a saying in poker, don't tap the fish tank and personally I think Lee's great for doing this, it just amazes me that people are buying into it so much.

    Baller's absolutely right, this was a hype generation and marketing exercize of biblical proportions, and then offering a price of 50 on the FIRST FIVE DECKS means that suckers like you are convinced that they were on offer for 50 bucks and then find one in their basket for 150 + but buy them anyways. Lol.
  7. Congrats everyone who got those babies.
    I was pretty hyped about it but today I said "f*ck it", I don't need Jerry's. A brick of Tally-Ho's that's what I need! ;)

    Btw I was right about the price of Lee's decks. Hooray for my mentalism skills :D
  8. I don't know why OneCardWonder and Ballero8 is even bothering going on this rampage of insults and but clearly no one can put any form of dignity in them.

    Obviously anyone who buys these cards KNOWS what they are, and has a definite reason for buying them. The fact that YOU think that they AREN'T worth $50 is YOUR opinion and you are certainly entitled to it, but trying to convince the rest of the world is futile and honestly, if you think that it's a waste of money it's almost the equivalent of you wasting your time telling us.

    I'm sure if I look through your house I can find a ton of crap you bought that is probably worthless in almost anyone's eyes. And I can almost guarantee you spent more than merely $50 on that particular item.

  9. hehe no ;)

    I know these cards are hype, but there must be a reason why all the magician used it in the 90's and many still do.
  10. LMFAO, but these cards AREN'T BEING SOLD FOR 50 BUCKS!!!!!

    Man the if the whole world is as much of a mark as you I'm going to become a con man right now. Easy money. Here, I have this rock that'll stop lions attacking you.
  11. Why do you think no one could get on his site? No one got them for $50, moron.

    All Lee is going to say is, "Opps...sorry...5 people beat you to it. But you got them for $150...and it's still a great deal!"

    And no...people who buy these cards don't have a good reason. They have a delusion in their head that they're repeating from what they heard from other people.

    There is only one reason and that's VANITY. They want other "magicians" to say, " must be have Jerrys!".

    That's it. There's no "rarity" special chemicals...not thin, not thick....nothing. It's an illusion.

    How ironic eh?
  12. Ok everyone please stop all your bashing and swearing. Calling other people morons only makes you look like a week little teenager that has it all in his mouth, baller08.. Listen, the Jerry's Nugget cards ARE special! No matter how much you hate the design or the high price, these decks are not regular. They have been stored in over 30 YEARS! They have a history.. They are not made like regular Bicycles are..
    I don't know why you write all this sh*t in this thread. If you don't like the Jerry's Nugget decks, fine, don't waste your time in this thread.
    Maybe you guys are jealous because you can't afford it or what?
    There must be some reason to your weird behavior.
    Whether or not you think these decks is worth 175$ they ARE..
    Take a look at some paintings. Some are worth hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars, but to people that doesn't know about the paintings history, it simply looks like something the nabour's 8 year old daughter could have painted..
    Like it or not, the Jerry's Nugget decks are worth far more than 175$, so stop your useless whining, which surely does nothing other than fill up the forums.
  13. Go on..RasmusAndersen, continue to insist they are and maybe you'll make yourself believe it one

    They make you feel like you're a better flourisher or magician, don't they? That whole self worth in a box that I mentioned previously.

    I would think you would have a better reason than "they're 30 years old". Because I have an old frame that's older than that and they don't make frames like that anymore. You want to buy it for $300?

    You see how stupid and yes...moronic...that type of logic is?
  14. Hmm, you seem to be a little slow I think. Honestly..
    That is excactly what i'm talking about man. They have been stored for over 30 years, and yes, that makes them valuable. Your old frame probably doesn't have a HISTORY, like the Nuggets. Or even IF your frame had a story, it wouldn't be interesting to us.. Maybe to "frame-collectors" is would..
    A deck of Nugget's also doesn't look like something worth 200$ to people that doesn't know anything about cards.. But to card collectors, they ARE valuable. You really try to deny it, and I fail to see why. You're just not a card collector. Thats cool. But then you should stop wasting your time in all these threads, and find a forum about old frames..
  15. They've been in storage for 30 years? That's absolutely not true. A large stock of them was in storage for 30 years but I can assure you that these cards have been circulating for a long time, which any serious card collector would know. Any serious card collector would also know that they are not waiting for Lee Asher to release them for the price of 150 bucks a deck. They aren't buying them on ebay either. A friend of mine is a very serious card collector and he hasn't paid more than 30 bucks for a deck of Nuggets and he has a ridiculous number of decks of them, as an investment so he can e-bay them to people like you. The only difference between you and him is that you have no idea where to actually obtain Nuggets. You believe that the price on the web reflects the true market price of the cards, and that's just not the case. It just reflects the price that people can con the niaive out of the cards.

    What makes me chuckle is you're arguing this like we've decided we don't like the cards and that is why we don't think they're worth 150 bucks. That's not it at all. My opinion of the cards is irelevent. To anyone that isn't a 13 year old buying them with their dads credit card, they aren't paying 150 bucks for them period, becacuse even to serious collectors they aren't worth that much and no serious collector is paying that amount for them.

    Of course as a 'card collector' I guess you know all this right?
  16. Damn, Baller, sounds to me like you need to take off your blindfold.
    Hype is hype, everyone falls into it at some point. But your black and white view shows a lack of open-mindedness. My only suggestion to you is to travel and see the world. Realize the hypocricy of us all, and humble yourself.

    A handfull of months ago I prepared for and 'won' a 1st edition ghost deck.
    Am I a douche? Am I a fool? Am I a sucker? Am I a victim?
    I could care less about the 'special' deck, I sold that bad boy for $150.

    Which would make me a $150 richer douche/fool/sucker/victim.
    I participated, and made money. I took advantage of an opportunity. How foolish of me.

    p.s. If the travel doesn't straighten you out, try to get laid.
  17. LOL...this is funny and sad at the same time. That's exactly our entire point....all this hype is for the fools that can be manipulated.

    You guys don't even know why they're that expensive...."it's old"..."it's got history"'s shiiit you've read off of the marketing material.

    Buying a deck of Jerry Nuggets for a magician is equivalent to a loser gang banger that feels "tough" when they carry a gun. It gives them "respect" and "street cred". Take the gun away and you take away their "power".

    The sad thing of all, at least a gun does indeed give that person some temporary power because it has a functional purpose.
  18. So according to your great "logic", since other hypocrisies and hype exists, then it should just be fine for idiots to continue to be idiots?

    And further more, because I don't buy into the hype that a lot of people are buying into...I'm the one that needs to have an open mind. LOL....oooookay.

    So you entered some contest and won a 1st Edition Ghost Deck and you sold it and made money.

    How are you a victim? You just proved my entire point. You took guys like the ones in this thread for a fool and you're laughing all the way to the bank about it.

    Good for you....I applaud you for that. But face it...if it weren't for the stupid, you wouldn't have made your $150.00.

    Sometimes I wonder why people post just to prove a point they're arguing against.
  19. I'm saying, I took advantage of the situation. Really, if you want to break down things like that; Everything anyone does is taking advantage of everyone(take a few minutes to think about that). The point I am trying to make is that this isn't as easy as black and white like you make it out to me. There are advantages to everything.
    I never made a claim that my 'logic' was great, it's merely my thought.

    Try to be more humble.
  20. No. You took advantage of stupid people. You knew from either research or just being around the community that there are those naive enough to pay $150 for a deck of cards. Again...I applaud you and you've proven my point.

    I would agree on that. But in some cases like this Jerry Nugget fiasco...the buyers (idiots) think they are taking advantage of this "rare" and "great deal" by Lee. So in a lot of ways Lee is leveraging your statement there. Just like you gave the fool that bought your Ghost deck a "great deal". Right?

    Are you kidding me? I'm the humblest member in T11. I'm so humble I humble myself at the thought of it.
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