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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lkl, May 8, 2009.

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  1. They used to be pretty cheap back then.
  2. There ARE people who got them for 50 dollars.

    Some people don't, some people do. If I was to have bought them, I'm positive I would've sold them back out.. no, i wouldn't buy them because it makes me "better" at doing whatever you may think. Some people collect them, who knows, who cares?

    Probably no "rarity", certainly no special production, chemicals, thin thick, anything.. TRUE, no question about it, don't deny it. But the fact that they're "worth" and the fact that people pay $ for them is their own thing. Money is just paper, why is it worth so much? Diamonds are just rocks, you never second guessed that. Yet a stack of cards you have to bicker on about for hours and days? :rolleyes: If some idiot shells out their year's worth of allowance money, so be them.

    And like I said, have you always been wise with your money? I know I have a lot of **** that I spent money on that I feel is retarded now .. my car stereo, base ball cards.. video games, whatever the case may be.
  3. I try to like everyone on these forums, I really do, but you... I dunno.

    Sure they may be cards, why get the expensive ones?

    Why get a big house? I mean, all houses have walls and a roof, they serve the same function.

    Why get an expensive car? They all can drive.

    Just because you don't want the cards, it does not mean that you have to tell everyone else they are stupid for doing so.
  4. Words right out of my mouth.
  5. Buying something that you want doesn't make you stupid. If you have the money, go buy it. That's what it is made for. To buy something you want. Either its hyped or not. You bought it for that price because you're happy not because you're stupid. Stupid guys do talk a lot of sh*t about something that they can't have. Because they can't have it, they bring up something that could affect others to not buy it. Sympathy is what they need. Just like satan.

    Piece of advise.

    Don't buy something that you can't afford. Don't buy it if you're unhappy with it.

    If you're happy & got money to buy jerry's then go on, buy it & be happy with it.

    You're not stupid for buying that because you're happy with it & got loads of money that others don't have.

    Jerry's are worth it for flourishers & magicians like us. Not for those who don't know about it.
  6. Ahh...yes...all the people with their feelings hurt because someone is calling them out on your stupidity.

    "Fourishers and magicians like us"? Rigggght. There's that "exclusive" and "snob" mentality again.

    Once more..thank you for proving my point. Because Jerry's are expensive and hyped up and you buy them, it must mean....

    A) you have money...oooohhh..aaaahhh
    B) you must be a "serious" magician and/or flourisher
    C) and if someone doesn't want to buy must mean, he just "don't know" but "we do".

    Is that about right? LOL!

    This is how you manipulate the weak minded. There are lot of people on welfare or about to file for bankruptcy that drives expensive cards....does that mean they have money? just means they're stretching themselves to poverty to look good for you others. All those people who bought houses they couldn't afford it and now are looking at foreclosures....exact same mentality as what is expressed here.

    You they can be "exclusive". Too funny guys.
  7. Seconded. For the record baller08, I agree with what you're saying. But there's a lotta stupid **** going on in the world, and this don't even scratch the surface. If people want to spend a lot of money on cards, let them, so long as you continue not to. Why bother just insulting them? Right or not, insults are going to change anyone; and even if they did, there're a lotta better things you could be doing and I'd rather read.

    There are so many stupid things out there, just let this be.. I hear your point, you've made it clear already, now I'm just hearing indulgent bashing.
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    Do you go out and buy random clothes and sunglasses and hats (I'm talking about your avatar) then just randomly put them on? Or do you think about what other people think about you before you get dressed in the morning? Everyone tries to uphold an image. Let those who bought the cards uphold their own and they'll let you uphold yours.
  9. Totally agrees on that!

    Baller08 seems to be having a problem with people buying the cards.. But I really don't see why?
    I mean.. I bet that everyone that bought the cards are happy for their purchase. If they regret it, they will probably sell the cards for more than they bought them for. So what is the problem? Who is the stupid ones? The ones that buys some cards and like them, the ones that buys some cards and sells them and make a profit, or the ones that whine and complain about everything, trying to look cool and smart, like baller.. I think it's the baller-type people..
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    Along with Tumble's post, this is the most important one in this thread.

    I've bolded a portion of the quoted post...please, re-read that again. It's okay, I'll wait.


    Done? Wonderful. Why is that portion of the post so important? Because it's true. Flinging insults at someone will not change their behaviour. In fact, if anything, it will reinforce their behaviour (getting defensive is the natural reaction to getting insulted--noone wants to feel inferior). Speaking of inferior...

    Why is it, Baller, that you are so adamant about proving that all the people who buy Jerry's are "stupid"? Why even waste your time here, if you're not making a difference? It sounds like, if anything, you're the one trying to prove that they're above everyone else, not those buying Jerry's. Because really, you've stated your opinion...what's left for you to do? You're scratching and clawing at the people who buy Jerry's as much as, if not more than, they are fighting back. You're insulting them, not educating them. Teachers don't call their students stupid when they get a question wrong--it's not productive. So why sling insults at everyone who buys Jerry's? It just seems very insecure, is all I'm saying. It's kind of funny, actually--you're slinging insults at them for paying $150 for a deck of cards to feel better about themselves...yet here you are, incessantly insulting others (for a purchase they made, which has nothing to do with you) on a magic forum to feel better about yourself. Which is more sad, the former or latter? I would lean toward the latter.

    Either way, to those who purchase Jerry's...enjoy them. Whether you bought them for $1.50 or $150, you bought them because you wanted them, and now you have them--so enjoy them. Whether that means opening them up to enjoy them, re-selling them to get your enjoyment (who doesn't enjoy making money? Hehe), or adding them to your collection (which would be my choice, had I chosen to purchase a pack)...just enjoy the cards.

    And before I go, although I've seen a few of these facts ignored above, here's some fun facts about the current economy as we know it:
    -> In a free market, it really is the buyers and sellers who decide on the prices.
    -> Stores (note: When I say stores, I mean anything from Wal-Mart to Asher's online store) always buy for less than a product's accepted value and sell for more than that product's accepted value (unless they can purchase it for a really cheap price--then, they may end up selling it for the actual value, or even less--it depends on how badly they want to sell the item). This is how they make a profit. Even banks do it with currency--go ahead and try it. Convert $10 US to Canadian funds, then back to US funds--you'll end up with less than you originally had (i.e., not $10).
    -> When an item is seen as collectible, its value goes up. Even if there are lots of said item. An example would be classic cars. Despite the fact that lots actually exist (for any given make and model, and year), they still sell for quite a bit more than one would expect an old vehicle to sell for (i.e., one that isn't seen as collectible).
    -> An item's value to any given person is however much that person is willing to pay for said item, no matter what the opinion of anyone else is.

    That last one is important. If there are lots of people who start to think an item is worth a LOT more than others have previously thought the item was worth, then the accepted value (i.e., the minimum value that most people will try to sell for) will likely go up, as well. However, if there are only a few people paying that much, then the accepted value likely won't go that high. The point is to try to sell an item for a value that people will be willing to spend--if lots of people want to pay a high amount, then you set your prices high. If people don't want to pay all that much, then you're stuck selling it for less (hence why stores often have sales--the accepted price people are willing to pay was lower than the store or person originally thought).

    Either way, the most important thing about that last point is that no matter what others think an item is worth, all that really matters (unless you plan to buy and sell a lot) is what you think the item is worth. If you're happy paying $5 and nothing more for a pack of Jerry's, then wonderful. If you're happy paying $500 for a pack of Jerry's, then I hope you enjoy them as well--the first person may think you're being scammed, but to you, you get an item that you get to enjoy. Who's right and who's wrong? ...

    That's the thing, there is no right and wrong.

    With that said, I wouldn't personally pay more than $50 for a deck of cards, even though my collection (I collect cards--Bikes are for performance, the rest are for the collection) probably suffers.

    That actually brings up another interesting point, and relates to the last one I was dwelling on for so long--who says that everyone who's buying these cards are buying them to prove themselves? If they're that collectible (which has nothing to do with the actual amount in circulation) and cost that much (which has everything to do with how a free market works), doesn't it make sense that some card collectors (the non-hardcore collectors without all these special connections, like myself) would be trying to get their hands on these cards, as well? If so, and if these collectors are even paying $150 or $200 for these cards, they get to add them to their collection. Who's to say they're stupid for doing so? They probably think you're stupid for passing up on the chance to own them. After all, you said yourself that there's still a significant amount still in circulation, and that lots of people still use them (according to you, for nefarious reasons--I'd tend to disagree, but that's not really the issue here), so wouldn't that mean the numbers would be dwindling, thus driving their value up and up? ...and the people buying them are the stupid ones? Some might consider it a decent investment (especially given the hype that these cards have garnered--their value doesn't look like it'll be going down any time soon).

    Whatever...I think the most important thing that can be said here is: To each their own, we all have our likes and dislikes, different strokes for different folks, whatever floats your boat, etc. Just try to be happy with the choices you make. And let's not put anyone down for them making their own choices. :)
  11. Everyone,

    This thread has run it's course. It has gotten WAY off the original topic and that is about placing an order for a deck of cards.

    People in life will choose what they want to do. Some people may hate them for it, some people may not care and others might think it's a great decision, in the end it's their lives and our opinions are just that to them, opinions.

    Everyone is free to share opinions on this sit, just don't get that confused with bashing. I'm going to go back and edit a few posts so a little remind to keep everything in this forum family-friendly.

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