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  1. In 1897 a magician and author named Roterberg published a classic book on card magic called "New Era Card Tricks". Originally this book sold for a smashing 2 dollars! Now, the reprint of this classic in card conjuring sells for 45 dollars in hardback form. So why am I writing about this here at theory11? "The Underground Magic and Cardistry Epicenter". Because, as it would seem, either Roterberg was ahead of his time or the great minds behind T11 are in fact fans of Roterbergs work. This was a great book full of great ideas for card magic, and some basics. The most amazing thing about this book is that it contains one of the first explanations (yes multiple options in the book) of the moving pips card and how to create it. I was shocked that over 100 years ago, what is better known now as "distortion", was not only being successfully performed, but also taught exhaustively.

    Now, let me take a moment and state. I am not hating on T11, or saying they stole the trick (they never claimed it was a T11 original). I am simply stating an interesting fact that history is a funny and repetitive thing. Distortion is a cool product, but how funny was it that it was written so long ago. The great thing about the book is that it teaches you how to make it and in many different ways. Pips go moving all over the place! This is quite an interesting book, but page 214 where the "moving pip card" is explored is a must read for any distortion performer. :)
  2. Thats interesting. Thanks for posting!
  3. Wow that was an awesome read. :) Thanks for posting it up, perhaps you could write a review on it? I'd love to hear what else it has to offer.

    - Sean
  4. Wow interesting. Where can I buy the boook?
  5. Sounds like a pretty interesting book. Where'd you get it?
  6. Awesome! You said the reprint costs $45...where can we get this?? awesome find
  7. I got it from my local magic shop right before it went out of business. However, a quick google search and/or amazon glance, should put you in the right direction :) I'll get a review once I complete the book... but theres a reason they are still making copies of a book from 1897. There's some really clever stuff in it and a lot on clever gaffs you can do, how to do it, and ironically they have been almost all forgotten about. Research can make a good magician dangerous. READ peeps!

    other books I highly recommend:

    Strong Magic - Darwin Ortiz (Theory)
    Designing Miracles - Darwin Ortiz (Theory)
    Close up card magic - Harry Lorayne (Trick and Theory)

    I don't want to just post a link... I don't think T11 would appreciate that :)
    However, books like this... I would hope T11 would supply one day. THAT would be "ground breaking"

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